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Multiple dog attack complaints filed since boy mauled by pit bull on Jan 6



Erika Gilstrap has filed a lawsuit against Burt Baker III, along with several others, for the pit bull attack that left her son, Justin Gilstrap, hospitalized.

From Jan. 6, the date of the attack, through the end of the month, Columbia County Animal Services has received some 150 complaints rega...

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  1. Fortunately the picture of this Pit Bull that you are showing is not typical of this breed. Pit Bulls have been known to be the sweetest dogs in the world. This picture represents the type of person that raised this dog. They should be fined heavily for doing this.

    • I respectfully call that a pile of manure Ronnie. I’ve read too many articles where the “sweet” pit bull that was raised from a pup turned on a child THAT WAS RAISED WITH THEM and mauled them. They are responsible for nearly 2/3 of the fatal dog maulings in the U.S. You can’t, with a straight face tell me that is owners.

    • Dobermans, Pit Bull Terriers, German Shepherds, they all have the potential, and have hurt/maimed people. You are correct that this was a typical “aggressive” picture choice of a Pit Bull Terrier — it sells more papers. ANY high strung type of dog can become aggressive. My groomer has two Pitties, and I have already discussed the gray “puff-ball” Pittie that Chipper used to play with at the Evans Dog Park. Pitties tend to act out more in groups, which is evidenced by the “owner” that said that his dogs “like to chase people on bicycles”. He’d best have some DAMN good liability insurance, and Columbia County had better be ready to write a check.

  2. I have no issue with pitbulls or any other breed, but you do get the alpha’s that are more dominate and aggressive, therefore need more enclosed and secure areas to be kept. If a dog kills any animal other than a rodent it is too aggressive. owners should be fined by state and owners of the pets killed should be compensated for their loss, and if not owner does jail time.

  3. So to review An attack on the boy 6 January. First action to be taken 28 March.
    Commissioner Alison Couch chairs the Community and Emergency Services Committee. She is also the 4th District Commissioner. Her Committee. Her District.
    Opportunities presented her are now lost to
    1. Reach out to the family .
    2.Assume a strong advocate position for the boy and family.
    3. Reassure the family and community of forthcoming positive action.

    So much for that representation and communication Couch promised in campaign .What did come out of her committee at light speed was $ 1 Million dollars for Martinez parks.

    As a former Commissioner, I trust the other Commissioners to make this right for the citizens of this great county.

    God be with the young man and his family, who have and continue to endure.

    Mrs. Couch has new friends. Already, it seems they are some distance from Harlem.

  4. Dewey, you’re laughable. Guess you didn’t know that she went to visit the family in the hospital just a day or so after the incident? Or that she has been in contact with every department involved to try find a better solution going forward? Or that District 4 Commissioner ALISON COUCH has also been in contact with other municipalities across the state and country to get feedback on how they handle these situations. Bitter old man, much?

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