Editorial: EMS service debacle could have been avoided

The state public health department has been forced to step in and assign the EMS zone to Augusta. Now, the Augusta Commission is going to have to negotiate a contract with Central EMS and, let’s make it clear, Central is in the catbird seat in these negotiations. Central EMS can ask for any subsidy amount, and the city may have to pay the fee proposed to avoid a crisis where Augusta has no reliable ambulance service. None of this had to happen. Gold Cross EMS, under political pressure, gave up the zone to allow for the city to apply and take over...

Editorial: It is time to give the mayor a vote

It seems that momentum is beginning to build at the state level to allow the citizens of Augusta a referendum to decide if the Augusta mayor should have a vote on the People’s business. We feel this is long overdue.

Editorial: It’s past time for local politicians to grow a spine

For unknown reasons, the local and state political establishment has circled the wagons around Sen. Harold Jones as they did with former Mayor Hardie Davis Jr., and the time has come to put an end to the practice.

Editorial: Jones Creek golf course will never return

Residents of Jones Creek subdivision need to face reality that their golf course is not coming back.

Editorial: Columbia County leadership needs to call an emergency meeting on animal control

With the exception of some canned statement of sadness related to the mauling of Justin Gilstrap, Columbia County officials have been silent on the issue of animal control. The inaction and silence on the county's part is deafening. When Augusta’s ambulance provider gave notice of termination of the contract, Mayor Garnett Johnson called an emergency meeting to deal with the issue. He showed true leadership and a willingness to work and solve the problem.   After the mauling of Gilstrap, Columbia County has done absolutely nothing.  Code Enforcement, Animal Control, the sheriff’s office and the County Commission all have one thing in common...

Editorial: It is time to rein in nuisance animals

Anyone who owns a dog knows that they can be escape artists, but there are some animals that should never be allowed to escape and roam the streets, ever.

Editorial: City needs to get on with the search for a new administrator

It's time Augustans get a new city administrator and the commission empowers whomever hold that position to get the job done.

Editorial: State Sen. Harold Jones lack of transparency alarming

State Sen. Harold Jones recent actions should be alarming to all Georgians who believe in the principle of separation of powers.

Editorial: Bobby Williams has declared himself in charge of the commission

Augusta Commissioner Bobby Williams is not just a bully, he’s also a bad influence, and he’s going to lead some of the newer members astray of the best interests for the city and its citizens unless they wise up and grow backbones of their own. 

B.J. Wood Cartoon January 30, 2023

B.J. Wood Cartoon January 30, 2023

Veterans Day Salute: Rodney Tyson

Lakeside High School Principal and retired Army Maj. Rodney Tyson recalls his over 20-year career in the military and transition to education administration.

‘Escalating incidents’ leads Youth ChalleNGe Academy to shut down class at Fort Gordon

A mother speaks out after her son was sent home from Fort Gordon's Youth ChalleNGe Academy. His class was canceled due to reported violence.

Fort Gordon’s new name approved

Fort Gordon's name change to Fort Eisenhower has been approved.

Computer executive goes straight to lieutenant colonel rank in Army’s Cyber Corps

On Monday at the age of 48, Paul Son became the first person to go straight into the U.S. Army Cyber Corps as a lieutenant colonel.

Veterans group ForcesUnited may be unraveling

Years of mismanagement may have finally caught up with veterans’ assistance group ForcesUnited, according to former employees.

Respectful and disrespectful at Memorial Day ceremony in Augusta

After a two-year pandemic-related hiatus, people gathered once again to observe Memorial Day at a ceremony in downtown Augusta.
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