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Open Letter to King Hardie, Part II



Another story in The Augusta Press last week about how Mayor Hardie Davis spent money in his account last year and his failure to provide receipts and invoices for most of the spending, prompted me to write “An Open Letter to the Mayor, Part II.”

Dear King Hardie,

I’m not going to beat around...

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  1. Great job as usual Sylvia, wonderful attention to details that the untrustworthy Mayor Davis did not give, and his hand-picked crooked staff has tried unsuccessfully to cover up. If the taxpayers of Augusta continue to support this corrupt government they have operating their city, even the Augusta National membership will no longer be able to save Augusta.

  2. Wow…Augusta sure seems to have many unexplained “irregularities” and never ending FBI investigations. I still am wondering what will happen to the $$$$$$$$$ of Fed stimulating monies that I “think” went into Augusta’s coffers and lord only knows in whose personal pockets it ultimately landed.

  3. I would appreciate the Augusta Press conducting research and publishing statistics on the number of households in Richmond County that have pulled up roots and re-located to Columbia and Aiken counties. This is a serious discussion that my wife and I are having. To move, or not to move?

    • The census results are going to answer a lot of those questions. There is no real metric to measure family by family. All you can see are trends. We know the trend is and has been for 3 decades that people have been leaving Richmond County and moving to Columbia County. Number one reason is always schools. Richmond County though has had an influx of growth from people out of town moving there. Long time Augusta residents though are leaving Richmond and moving to Columbia.

    • An old buddy of mine called this “White flight” and it’s been going on for years. Me and my wife have been talking about this same thing for years and many of my friends have either moved to Evans, North Augusta or Waynesboro. Its really a shame!

  4. Thomas leave Augusta ASAP. That is what my family did. Augusta is a shell of its self led by incompetent leaders who study everything and then cannot make a decision. Beware of counties led by the Democrats. Columbia County is open for dining, education and in person meetings. The best laid plans of Mice and Mayor’s are often gone astray .

  5. I’m fairly sure that our mayor knows full well that what he has been doing is morally corrupt, but he rationalizes it with his progressive logic. His arrogant and condescending attitude towards the taxpayers is disgusting.

  6. I live in and work for Richmond County. I am totally embarrassed to even admit this. Richmond County has some serious problems and they start at the top. In my opinion Richmond County is going down at an unbelievable fast rate.

  7. Thank you Sylvia for your dogged persistence in exposing the corruption in King Hardie’s administration. Leftist never hold themselves accountable because their motives are pure in their mind. They’re morally superior to their critics.

  8. It appears that Mayor Davis is following the examples of the noteworthy mayors of the cities of Atlanta, New York, Baltimore, Chicago and Los Angeles. Thank you Sylvia and the Augusta Press for your due diligence!

  9. All we can do at this point is Pray and Vote. Raise hell with your Augusta Commissioners and demand transparency and accountability from your elected officials. Call your Commissioner and let them know your thoughts.

  10. Awesome as ever! So glad we still have you to write the truth about Augusta and its nonstop corruption. No surprise Hardie har har is being the way he is. He is a democrat, so that should explain the secrecy, questionable spending, and sidestepping the rules.

  11. Mayor Davis should have never been blessed by the commissioners with more funding than Mayor Copenhaver. Mayor Davis should have his salary and office budget reduced to the same amount as Mayor Copenhaver.

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