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Opinion: An unlikely candidate for lobbyist that shouldn’t be



We hope your Thanksgiving was as good as ours. This past week was extra short with Thanksgiving. Does it seem like these holidays are getting shorter, or is it just me? Also, if you missed Mrs. Sylvia’s column with the ABCs of Thanksgiving, check it out. 

I was glad to see the Augusta ...

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  1. You are implying that once again race will be the deciding factor and the current Black Racist will gain another commissioner with the changes to the 3rd district. Everyone knows the majority black population of Augusta is taking it into the same direction as Chicago. More crime, more killings, more people on drugs, welfare, and the streets, at least Augusta has a milder winter so that more people can live on the streets without so many dying from the cold. I have cryed my heart out for the destruction of the fine city I was born and raised in. They should have fixed the problems we had in the 60s and 70s instead of letting them fester into what is there now, a generation of black people who hate white people so much they would destroy History, and themselves to reek havoc on the old whites who didn’t treat their grandparents they way they should have.

  2. Until Mayor Davis answers for misappropriation of funds, he need not apply for any other positions. Under his leadership the city has amassed a tremendous budget (which will be unsustainable), failed to maintain city/county properties and services. His reign has been a disgrace.

  3. After attending most every single Redistricting Meeting including three of the four public input meetings, it is baffling that the Committee went back and voted on the same exact “rough draft map” that was presented to begin with which is why the four public meetings were held in the first place to allow citizens a chance to express their concerns about their neighborhoods being sliced and diced. Not just Summerville and Forest Hills but other tightly knit neighborhoods in other districts as well. As the District 3 Commissioner I explained to a constituent of my in Precinct 309 that since his neighborhood wasn’t being picked to pieces and that he should be happy that his neighborhood wasn’t being cut out of the district. I also explained to him to him to imagine going to his HOA meeting where his neighborhood would be represented by two other districts besides District 3 and have me there along with two other Commissioners? That is when he said he totally understood my stance and that yes he would hate to be in the shoes of someone in the eastern part of District 3. I continued on stating to him, “What kind of Commissioner would I be if I only cared about two or three precincts and to hell with the other ten?” I know where I got the majority of my votes after I went into a run off during the 2020 election. I also know that I worked very hard in certain precincts and will continue to advocate for the western part of District 3 as well as the center and eastern part of District 3. My constituent then said yes you would not be an effective Commissioner if you only took care of one side of the district and not the entire district. I appreciated him seeing the big picture and will always enjoy my conversations with him.
    If someone wants to run for Commissioner but only wants to take care of his/ her little community meaning a few neighborhoods and ignore the rest of the district then citizens will be getting the short end of the stick. That’s not being a true Commissioner.
    I have no agenda but to work for the citizens black and white and to do what is RIGHT!!

  4. Michael, you want a list? Okay, how about we start with Mickey Mouse, Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny. You think that’s a joke, well Hardie Davis is an even bigger joke. The fact that he can ‘navigate’ D.C and Atlanta only proves that he is a slimeball politician like most of the rest up there. He can’t even answer simple questions about where he spent taxpayer money entrusted to him. No way would I give him another dime. Every day that passes, Augusta slips further into irrelevance all due to the lack of leadership in this community. And this taxpayer is past fed up with it.

  5. Hardie’s career in ATL was unremarkable. Go back and check is voting record. Made sure the Augusta Mayor’s salaries were increased, then ran for mayor. He’s been a mouthpiece for the Democratic party during his term despite his ONE AUGUSTA catchphrase, has hired a bloated staff of cronies, misappropriated funds in his budget, but SURE, send him to ATL. I mean, who’s surprised? He sure wasn’t going to make a living preaching.

  6. Of course Michael Meyers is entitled to his opinion but his opinions here contain errors and are ridiculous. There are too many to cover all here but Hardie Davis needs to find work elsewhere. He has a terrible reputation for being a charlatan and would use a lobbyist position for his personal gain.

  7. Thank you Mary Harris , Jeff Simless, Christine Slendak, James Herman- Mike Myers where have you been these last too many years of Hardie Davis’ milking Augusta and refusing to answer for anything. We’ve had enough of him. If we do hire someone for that position let’s make it someone who cares more for Augusta than himself.

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