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Opinion: COVID-19 Not the Only Threat to Richmond County Schools



Probably like some of yours, my days seem to run together. I’m told that I need to do a better job of meeting deadlines. So, if you don’t like what I say this week, blame the editor-in-chief! 

While you are taking your usual look at this column — and I am pleased and honored with the readership ...

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  1. Remember The Dark Ages from your World History class in high school? Welcome to The New Dark Ages, brought to you by liberal progressive socialists and Democrats. They support and foment chaos, divisiveness, and violence to gain power, control, and wealth. They replace allegiance to God, country, community, and family with allegiance to the state they create. They groom violent, undisciplined, and uneducated youths to be their street-level thugs (BLM, Antifa) to suppress opposition. Schools and media dispense their propaganda. Throwing money at failing schools is paying to have your freedom, country, culture, religion, and economy destroyed.

  2. Liberal logic of throwing money at a problem: I bought a truckload of (insert commodity here) for $1 each and sold them for .75 cents each. I was losing money so I bought a newer, bigger truck to haul more at a time. Yep, that’ll fix it.

  3. You might be proud of your readership but I, for one, read only in hope that you might actually say something worth reading one time. Today, I could not get past your giddy response to throw more money to magically fix the RCBOE issues. Keep it up and your readership is sure to decline, like nearly all the indicators of success measuring the RCBOE system.

  4. Kids have been locked up in a house for a year? In what city…not here. Summer is just over, they have had months of opportunities for letting off steam (eye roll.) What a pathetic excuse for bad behavior. There’s no discipline in the home and it comes to school. Sugarcoat what you will, there is only so much a school can do. Only when problem students are expelled can the ones who are there to actually try to learn have a chance. More money? It’s not going to work.

  5. Thanks again for all the comments and for the people who actually read what I’m saying – I’m not a journalist – I’m a columnist. The great part is that some of you know this. I don’t think the millage rate should have went up – because I know that will not fix the problem. Read what’s there – y’all so ready to be up in arms. I do thank all of you for the constant support! God Bless

    • Allen – my rebuttal was to get an understanding from him. I don’t think throwing money at it fixes the problem. They need to step back and take a look at the real issue. I see you and Tedd are but supporters – maybe they will start letting me send autograph pictures out?

      • Well maybe you could have written it a little better..you didn’t write it as a rebuttal and maybe I was a little to harsh in my critique..I will pass on the autograph but will gladly shake your hand if I ever see you in public..my apologies for the harshness..the written word is oft times not taken as well as the spoken word..

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