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Opinion: He Talked To Me…



The state and soundness of our city, the future of Augusta, economic and business development and the future plans - were all part of the menu when I met with the mayor this weekend. Surprisingly no phone calls, no interruptions and, most of all, no questions were off limits. As much as I woul...

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  1. Thank you for your sincere arrival. What did he have to say though about using public funds without disclosing their purposes? I’m sorry, but chiding you is a way to switch the conversation off of these important questions. And yes, the prior articles are “smoking guns”, as in “there was a crime here Mr. Mayor, and a smoking gun is still in YOUR hand.” You were good-old-boyed, I’m afraid, and told “there is no story here, among friends.” You should be feeling more than a little insulted, good sir.

  2. Sorry, Mr. Mayor. I don’t buy it. If you feel that The Augusta Press and others are your enemies and are printing lies to make you look bad; then, you have been given many opportunities to set the record straight. Explain the lack if oversight or accountability for your expenditures. Explain the fiasco with the search for a fire chief. Explain why you have cancelled scheduled meetings to answer these questions. Speaking with Mr. Myers is not (wink, wink, nod, nod) speaking with The Augusta Press in this sense because you (in my opinion) gave no answers. You only made yourself look sillier. It is going to be a very rough road for you if you decide to run for a higher office. Integrity, honesty and transparency apparently elude you.

  3. Sorry Mike. This is the same soft hand questioning we see from CNN et al. How can the Mayor claim The Augusta Press is being unfair by simply asking for transparency? What about his use of public funds, the proper hiring of a Fire Chief, and other such government dealings is a hatchet job? If he has nothing to hide, why is he hiding it? Positive things happening in Augusta are not the work of the politicians; they are happening in spite of them.

  4. It did not occur to you to ask the sitting mayor about the fact that the citizens of Augusta are paying for his preparation for his future career. “Don’t we have the right to know exactly what we’re paying for “?

    • Absolutely agree. Mutual admiration society piece of which the Augusta Press standard should be above. No questions answered regarding the mayor’s expenditures or the hiring fiasco of the fire chief. Shame, shame.

      • Mr. Sutton, thanks for the comment. Michael is an opinion columnist. We give pretty liberal reigns to our columnist to say what their opinion is and in a way they want to say it. There is an important distinction between news and opinion. The Augusta Press news staff will not stop reporting facts or digging into issues that matter to our community. Including the mayors finances. There are several stories in the queue related to that topic that are not opinion pieces. Thank you for subscribing.

  5. All I want to see is documentation and justification of unusual expenditures, especially those that claim to be from a charitable 501(c)3….. If it’s nothing Mr. Mayor, put it out there. Otherwise, you look as if you are doing something underhanded. An it will hurt you in your future endeavors…..

  6. First of all the title was more for giggles!
    I would like to remind everyone that I am a columnist- not a reporter. The column was for you to read… I asked what I wanted to ask. I do apologize if it was not a bashing, however … when I asked a few certain questions and got the responses I did. I knew, that I should just take what I could get.

    • Opinion or not, no one asked you to “Bash the Mayor” you were asked to interview the Mayor, not try to smooth over all of his deceitful shortcomings. As said by others above, we like you, and your writings, but this was a failure of an interview the way he sidestepped all of the questions, or was asked something to make him look better.

  7. I would not be too critical of Mr. Meyers. It was obvious that the Mayor was not going to answer any questions that made him look bad. So, with this in mind, Mr. Meyers exposed the Mayor a little more by giving him a chance to present his facts – which he refused to do. In my opinion this opinion article was not so badly done because the Mayor exposed himself once again to well deserved criticism. So while the article did not present the answers that we all expected and deserve, it did shine a bright light in the weakness of the Mayor when the Mayor wants us all to believe in his honesty, integrity, transparency and the lack of respect for his elected office. The Mayor has done more damage to his office at this point than he can ever repair. I just don’t trust or respect him simply because he has not earned it.

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