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Ground will be broken this week at the Augusta Corporate Park for our second recycling industry project announced in just the last few months.  There’s been a lot of ground breaking recently in my part of the world with more announcements in the works. But for the folks out my way, the unmatch...

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  1. Mr. Garrett, thank you for your heartfelt commentary. I totally agree with you concerning the revitalization of the Regency Mall property. Many Augustans, including myself, are worried that our taxes will once again be misspent and the infighting among the commission will force its citizens to divide their loyalties. However, if the commissioners can all agree that private investment is suitable and sustainable, then I am sure you will gain the support that you seek. Many citizens of Augusta are simply fearful of the entire area surrounding the Regency property. It’s definitely not an area where one would go for an evening stroll. And this has to change! Like it or not, there are some huge trust issues pitting citizens vs. government. However, there may be some hope should our elected officials choose to serve in a supporting role and not attempt to micromanage every detail. God bless you, sir!

  2. “…I would ask that you place a reasonable amount of trust in elected leaders to lead.” I hope this is a forward-looking statement. If Mr. Garrett is referring to Hardie Davis, Steve Kendrick, Sammie Sias, and the commissioners who let these criminals abuse their positions and power and made no effort to investigate and stop their corruption and malfeasance, this letter simply asks us to sing Kumbaya and look the other way to get things done. It also indicates Mr. Garrett doesn’t acknowledge and appreciate the voters’ desire to clean house in the Augusta-Richmond County government before it is worthy of our trust and more of our money. Stop prioritizing diversity, inclusiveness, mediocrity, politics, and self over ethics, quality, competence, transparency, and legal compliance.

  3. Mr. Garrett, along with “ghosts” there is also a bunch of “history”. I have spent thirty-four years of my working life in South Augusta (Federal Paper Board) and Downtown (University Hospital). Like a lot of people, I miss Regency Mall, and what it USED to be. But “criminal elements” (and bluntly, you know what I mean), infiltrated the area, and even having a RCSO substation on-site, did not quell the crime. The mall died. The same thing is beginning to happen at Augusta Mall. Real investors are NOT going to put their money down, until the area is cleared and THEY feel safe. I feel the election run-off “Regency Mall Press Conference” timing is also suspect. As is the people involved. I would like to know how many Commissioners, or friends of Commissioners, have purchased properties recently that are nearby the former mall site, PRIOR to the announcement ?? Our son grew up at both Malls, and actually enjoyed Regency the most, until we no longer felt safe there. There are a lot of questions to be answered. Time will tell.

  4. I’m sorry but Cardinale has done everything they can to screw taxpayers because they have failed to maintain their property and have been allowed tax breaks, we’re allowed to tear up the parking lot without permits and also we’re exempted from a year of storm water fees because of a “clerical” error. Also? After the voters said no on the arena site? Hardie still tried to push it through saying the voters were “confused”, all but calling them stupid. You cannot blame the voters for being skeptical when another politician shows up with visions of grandeur. They know in the long run it will hurt their pockets. As far as people bad mouthing South Augusta? I grew up there and lived there for 40 years. You can thank consolidation for the final mail in the coffin. They took our tax dollars and poured them into downtown and let South Augusta go to hell. Lately they have tried to rebuild it but there is a huge trust issue between the people and the “leaders” (and I use that term loosely) of Augusta. A vote for Kendrick is a vote for more of the same crap you’ve put up with for the last 2 administrations. He’s already showed you how shady he is. Do I need to list the ways again? Sorry Brandon, I like you and I think you are one of the few good commissioners but I cannot believe you would endorse another Hardie clone…

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