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Opinion: Limbaugh’s Legacy Will Live On



My sincere apologies for the late column.

The last time one of my writing assignments was pushed to the absolute last minute, not because of late-breaking information or an unexpected political twist, but because of my own sheer reluctance to get the thing written, it was my Mom’s eulogy.


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  1. Thank you Rush for saving talk radio. I have always been a political junkie and you were my first addiction to this genre of radio. Rest in Peace Sir you were a blessing.

    Austin I’m glad you got the chance to continue doing what you love. Your show is my favorite because it covers everywhere from the CSRA to Washington.

    Here’s to talk radio! Long may you continue to keep us all informed.

  2. When I posted in Augusta Today I was worried about the future of WGAC with the passing of Rush, Rabbit Ears Austin Rhodes blocked me on The Austin Rhodes Show page.

    I will again state WGAC’s current format is now an endangered species. And as I stated in AT that would be a huge loss for Augusta.

    Rhodes let me know with the morning show and his merry gang all is well, they got this.

    Sadly, there is this corporation that has the 100% of the decision.

    I listen to all or parts of Rush daily, typically grabbing the 3:00 PM news and then a bit of Rhodes until I tire quickly of his me schtick.

    Once the dust settles The Rush Limbaugh Show will get back to it’s original intent and there are several great candidates to replace him…hopefully continuing on WGAC.

  3. As I told Bill in other conversations, it is certainly the intent of station ownership to “stay the course” with EIB until there is good cause to do otherwise. Around March 17 (marking one month since Rush’s passing) I anticipate Mark Steyn will be named permanent host of the EIB Network…and we will all move forward from there.

    • I really hope Mark Steyn gets the job. I was wondering how long the Remembering Rush thing could last. It is good, but that just can’t last forever. The other thing I wonder about that I haven’t seen discussed at all is other talk radio hosts jockeying to get their shows into that 12-3 pm slot.

      • Most everyone is locked into contracts. Some wondered if Hannity would switch, but it would disrupt too many schedules.

        IF the Limbaugh replacement fails, it is possible, but it will take at least a year for all that to play out.

  4. I have read from other sources that Premiere will cancel the Rush Limbaugh show once that last contract year happens… I have a feeling that Steyn’s closet that denied him a spot on BlazeTV might haunt him again for this role…

    • Steyn never wanted to “settle” for BlazeTV. He was either going to go Fox full time or the EIB radionslot. He has been Rush’s #1 replacement for a while, and that was the only thing that kept him from doing his own national show. They have kept him primed the same way NBC did with Leno waiting for Johnny Carson to retire.

      If there were something in Steyn’s closet it would have been revealed years ago.

      • To continue to lift Cable TV aloft as equal in power to the Golden Microphone is an epic joke. Young people are REFUSING to contend with the hassle of the Boomer content model – cable TV, preferring to consume content on podcast and applicable streaming products. Fox and its dependence on cable fees are on life support (Fox Nation notwithstanding). Limbaugh paved the way for Long Form content, regardless of medium. Ben Shapiro + Daily Wire (podcast -> syndicated radio), Glenn Beck + Mark Levin + BlazeTV, even Joe Rogan, and Adam Carolla are the modern models of the digital era.

  5. For the past few weeks and in these comments you see opinions about replacing Rush Limbaugh, that just can’t happen. Yes there will be someone new in the 12-3 PM time slot on “Talk Radio” but they will not really be a replacement so much as a filler of time. If they can maintain 60-70% of Rush’s audience they will be declared a roaring success and everything will be hunky dorey, if not there will be another replacement within 6 months, on and on. I vote for Mark Steyn also, but will give whoever is chosen a few months before I switch off channel.

  6. I have also noted the lack of articles by Austin in the editorial section and wonder if his name along with the others that place a NEW article each week is justified? Sylvia, Bill and Michael do a fine job with their weekly columns to not need Austin’s monthly input!

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