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Opinion: Michael Meyers wants to see people come together for Augusta’s success



(Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this column are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of The Augusta Press.) 

We have some catching up to do, which is normal from time to time.

Last week was truly a slow media week as we all came together to celebrate the life o...

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  1. “If she feels that Walker is a better candidate than Warnock, I have some beachfront property in McDuffie County I would like to sell her.” So, sell me some too. Actually, Walker is an AWFUL candidate, but for those on the right, his vote is crucial to gain a majority and stop the runaway Democrat train that is choking us to death. What does his past have to do with how he will vote for this country and this state? How is the silkey tongued Warnock “better”? We’ve already seen how he votes, 96% with Biden. If you like higher taxes, runaway inflation, high energy costs, open borders, abortion of late term babies, ambivalent foreign policy that emboldens the Communists in the world, then by all means vote for Warnock, who has ALREADY PROVEN that he votes for those things I listed. Walker will vote against them.

  2. Mr. Meyers, just a short story here. When I lived on our farm, I would drive over 5 miles to patronize a business. A just out of college woman opened this very successful business. Several years passed and come a particular election time she endorsed two individuals that already had criminal indictments against them and campaigned nothing but race race race. The owner alienated her own customer base. Her building is now rotting down to the foundation. My point is your McDuffie beach property alienated me as Mr. Warnock is nothing more than a Biden puppet and we all know what that administration has done and is doing. His votes on the hill affect the whole country, not just Georgia. Our nation is collapsing under the weight of poor decisions from him and the Democrat party, including Warnock. Best to keep your political mindset to yourself, sir. And in your next article how about answering Mr. Wylds question? I won’t be reading it but maybe some of your readers less alienated than myself will.

  3. So I can see from MM’s dripple that is is a proud Socialist Democrat AKA American Communist. That is fine if that is what he wants to be.
    As far as his support for a Marxist Georgia Senator being better for the safety and well-being of the Constitutional Federal Republic MM is far off target.
    Republicans aren’t the answer to all the problems,
    Socialist Democrats AKA American Communist are the cause of all the nation’s problems.
    As far as “Augusta coming together”, MM is still living in the 90’s. There is no City of Augusta to come together. It is time for Augusta Richmond County to come together. That means that the Everything Downtown Group has to step aside, for the betterment of all districts of the county.
    No more new government spending on Downtown Uptown until all other districts are up to par.

    • “No more new government spending on Downtown Uptown until all other districts are up to par.” I agree. Also, we need to quit adding parks and recreation……we can’t afford to maintain the ones we have. Maybe we need to close some.

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