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Opinion: The Vaccine Incentive and Columbia County Schools



With the increase number of COVID-19 cases lately, it’s hard for me to understand why people wouldn’t get excited about an incentive to promote keeping people safe.

The uphill battle we are fighting to get back normal should be enough to excite people to either want to take the shot or come up ...

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  1. I wholeheartedly disagree with the part about rewarding people for getting the shot. I say that as someone who has had it. Its a bribe pure and simple. I’m an advocate of doing whatever you believe is right for you but the government should not be rewarding people for a medical decision. They certainly shouldn’t be rewarding them with my tax dollars! Get the shot or don’t I don’t care but leave tax payer paid rewards out of it. That’s just my opinion.

  2. I hit post before I was finished. Showing a ID to vote is not a medical issue. Showing a ID to vote is nothing like a vaccine card because going to a concert or a baseball game is not a right. Voting is and voting should be transparent as it can be. I don’t understand all the hoopla over the ID. You have to have one to do ANYTHING! Open a bank account, collect government benefits, get a job..there should be no reason you cannot show a ID to vote. Lastly, the people that stormed the capital were morons. The only thing I complained about was the sympathy shown to looters and rioters that was not shown to the capital morons. They were all wrong and should all be punished accordingly.

  3. Reverend Meyers, I think that Dr. Flynt, a man with an outstanding record as a public education leader, will be here a while. If I’m wrong and DUPLICITOUS FORCES were to force him out, I PROMISE that I’ll give you the biggest CCSD scoops which will earn you a Louis Harris Award.

  4. Columbia County schools have always had problems just like Richmond County it’s just never made it to the news.
    Medical care is someone’s personal decision. The government should not tell anyone they have to do something. Its overreach and socialist. Get the shot, don’t get the shot, we are Americans afforded the right to do our own research and decide for OURSELVES. That’s why it’s called FREEDOM.
    Tax dollars are always misappropriated somewhere but it’s government bribery to get the masses to do what they want. Greed is everywhere and money talks loudly in every situation.

  5. I’m disappointed. An eighth grade English teacher would fill this column with red marks. The writer would do well to request a proofreading before publishing. While I find his ideas troubling, the grammatical and syntax errors overshadow the whole piece. Journalism is an art, and one not to be taken lightly. If I’m wrong, please point my error.

  6. Someone who was at one time very active in Col. Cty politics told me that there is corruption in CC government, and schools are not always as perfect as portrayed. They just have the good sense not to air their dirty laundry in the press.

  7. Actually I was never that impressed with the previous CC Superintendent as applies to safety and will welcome some transparency. This school system installs cell phone towers around schools and does zero road and sidewalk safety improvements at old schools which are way out of code. Even after presented with a safety study with recommendations, nothing. Gave the problem to the school principle and PTO to solve, like they can build sidewalks and curbs.

    Thank-goodness the CC school district is keeping children in schools. Shame for requiring masks for a disease with a survival rate of 99.998% for ages 0 – 19.

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