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Opinion: Who’s Running, Who’s Not and What’s the Deal With Redistricting



Augusta lost its ranking as the second largest city in Georgia, though that depends on who you are talking to. That shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, especially with the, for lack of better words, constant media blast/commercials to support the growth efforts in Columbia County. 

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  1. People don’t want to live in Augusta because of the crooked ness of the politicians and with the exception of the magnet schools? The schools are very low performing. I was an Augusta resident for 40 years, I moved because of the schools and because consolidation left South Augusta paying taxes with no benefits. We saw all our tax money go to downtown because politicians had bankrupted their coffers. When I moved I never had a real estate agent push one area over another. They asked me where I wanted to move to them showed me houses in the area I chose. Real estate agents are in the business to push properties not areas. If they are selling property in Augusta they will try to get you to buy that property.

    For at least the last thirty years, The United States Army has discouraged its personnel from enrolling their children in RCBOE-operated schools. At least one commanding general at Ft. Gordon has expressed these sentiments in a major local public forum. Freedom Park, located on Ft. Gordon and serving a population a majority of whom are USA dependents, is operated by the RCBOE under close observation from USA authorities.

  3. More new homes are built in Columbia County and Aiken County than Richmond County therefore real estate question where do you think people will move? The media is lazy therefore do not cover governments that meet on their deadline. They think there is no story there they are too small.

    • Good and honest are two basic criteria needed for Augusta’s next Mayor; however , a candidate with a SINCERE DESIRE to cut the cost of local government —- and a plan to at least begin cutting the fat ( spell that p-a-y -r-o-l-l ) —- may separate himself / herself from the pack ( that proposes NEW SPENDING ) —- and quietly secure the support of the property owners who bear the ever increasing burden of the out of control / wasteful spending by Augusta’s Mayor and Commission .

  4. LET’S MAKE A DEAL. Yes that would be great. What’s behind door #1, no door #2, sorry I meant #3. Door # 1 was the Augusta Commission .Wow that’s stinks. Door # 2 Democrats that run the Richmond County Government. That really stinks. Door # 3
    I won because I moved out of Richmond County.

  5. People have been leaving Richmond County for more than 30 years. Numerous reasons are to blame; the largest of which is the school system. This is nothing new and is part of the routine cycle of urban evolution across America.

  6. The population of Richmond County in 2000 was 199,619. In 2020 it was roughly 204,000. That is not growth, it is stagnation. Surrounding counties have increased by far larger amounts. What the numbers don’t tell you is that there is a significant number of former Augusta Residents now living in those surrounding counties, and the exit is economic and education driven. Period.

    Is Augusta the economic engine? Currently it is, but unless our leadership wakes up and really addresses problems head on, that will change. The Commission has no say in the quality of the school system, but there is much they could do to improve the quality of life in Augusta rather than continue on the Balkanization approach they have been on since consolidation.

  7. Agreed – paying people $100 to get a COVID vaccination is ludicrous. Combining donations from COVID-impacted businesses with taxpayer money to help fund a lottery for 50 vaccinated people to win $10,000 each shows how easy, fun, and politically lucrative it is to spend someone else’s money. Is Augusta the biggest reality TV show ever produced that was never aired?

    PS: In spring of 2020, the Columbia County Health Department operated the best organized, most effective vaccination program in the CSRA. We live in Richmond County, but went to a Columbia County vaccination site after they returned our phone call requesting an appointment well before any Richmond County agency responded.

  8. And guess what? If I didn’t have 10 acres with my house located in the center of the lot out in South Augusta I would have been gone 20 years ago! Who was the group that had a phrase in the song that said “Augusta, GA. is is just no place to be?”

  9. “Reverend” Myers, thank you for the free ink, but I feel it necessary to make a few corrections to the facts within you opinion. Because, well it’s important when spreading the word-even in an opinion- there is accuracy in your points. Even if it is meant sarcastically- opps, there I go getting ahead of myself. First, the last name is GALLUCCI. Secondly, while I am white and a member of the local chapter of the NAACP- the same one you are a member of, I cannot accept the moniker you bestowed on me- that is THE white member, see I have been made aware of the fact that are a number of white members here, some life members. Lastly, the resolution presented to the Commission (one that you openly argued and voted against during the NAACP motion to support) wasn’t submitted for the Commission to “do” something- it was submitted to have our leaders make a commitment that Equity was important, that valuing our citizens meant finding ways to insure Equity in our everyday lives, dismantling inequities in our institutions and their processes, and to begin reconciliation to heal the scars of our past. Something you were vocal about not supporting within the organization that we are both members of and voted against supporting. Accuracy Reverend is important so as not to be a false prophet of the facts-opps there I go again getting ahead of myself…

  10. We called and got on a list for the vaccine from Richmond County. They never called us. Fortunately we heard through the grapevine about vaccine sites.
    Reasons people do not get the vaccine: No transportation, no knowledge of the sites, process, distrust or dislike of anything from the government, fear the vaccine, just do not care. Address these issues.

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