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Opinion: Why all the buzz about a deer stand?



(Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this column are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of The Augusta Press.)

As a security mechanism, a surveillance camera-equipped deer stand has been erected at the front gate of a community that has been plagued with crime. We don’t k...

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  1. Congrats to your sister!! As far as what a property owner is doing to make his residents safe? Good for him. You can’t expect Augusta to do anything except throw away money on consultants and then do nothing. He took initiative and is trying to solve a problem instead of talking and voting it to death. I don’t care if the blind is painted pink. At least he is trying to solve the issue!!

  2. The Charlotte PD has been using those stands for years. I assure you, the nearby residents are completely aware of the crime issue and didn’t need a stand as a reminder that the area had issues. Kudos to the owner for trying to make a difference for the residents.

  3. Camera’s on the ground! If that is a good idea then why are traffic camera’s mounted up high on poles? Why are flashing lights on top of ambulances and not mounted to the bumpers? The property owners are protecting the entire complex, not the door to the dumpster. Ambulance drivers want to been seen for safety.
    Camera’s on the ground- my goodness- what will someone think of next?

  4. Whenever I hear the commissioners discuss money issues that seem to take priority over Gold Cross subsidy, I ask the same question, will this expenditure save lives. I have had to call or had an ambulance respond to an accident a few times in the past 6 years. I considered myself super blessed each time Gold Cross responded. They are such an asset to this area. Good example about burger king. If insurance did not cover my bill, I would find a way to pay it.
    We all should be asking the commissioners whenever they make a decision, “Will it save lives”. Great column Michael.

  5. The camouflage building most probably comes that way. It makes no sense to put camo in a city landscape, so why would it be painted that way to intimidate some? People beg for help for crime. It comes and those, mostly NOT residents of that complex, are all of a sudden ‘offended.” And yeah, good thing you backed off the statue of a “good man” vs all the others that are being forced down. They also did good things. Every statue in this town are of people who did good things, yet all of them were not perfect in some aspects of their lives. Dr. King included. Here I go getting ahead of myself…

  6. 1- There was on person posting on Augusta Today that made the whole deer stand- McKnight Clarke sign blow up. He wants to be on a Augusta Richmond County Consolidation Authority or commission or something. The man want an appointment.
    2- Government School Teachers are in no way under paid or overworked. That is leftist talk. Each Government School Teacher signs a contract each year spelling out the requirements and duties. Nobody is forced to take the job. It is the only 10 month full-time job that the employees get three vacation weeks a year plus no less then 8 Federal- School Holidays paid off. (12 weeks vacation for the people that claim it is a 12 month full-time job). This doesn’t include side personal days paid off.

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