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Faith: Rev. Bill Harrell – Our solid bedrock

Faith: Rev. Bill Harrell - Our solid bedrock

Faith: Rev. Bill Harrell – An elegant homegoing

Rev. Bill Harrell's weekly column on living a life devoted to Christian faith.

Faith: Rev. Bill Harrell – Right or Wrong

Rev. Harrell discusses the danger of Compromise.

Faith: Rev. Bill Harrell – Truth

Rev. Bill Harrell reflects on Truth in this week's column.

Faith: Rev. Bill Harrell – Majesty

Rev. Harrell discusses a missing element in worship.

FAITH: How to know if something is God’s Will or not

Rev. Bill Harrell offers counsel on decision making in accordance with God's will.

Faith: When the world goes mad

The Rev. Bill Harrell addresses the beginning of stages of the Tribulation period in this week's column.

Faith: Something to Think About

I find that book very fascinating as it shows just how much God can use any person He desires to bring about His will for His people.

Faith: The Civil War for the Soul of Man

Rev. Bill Harrell shares his thoughts on Christians in battles between what is right while they deal with the reality that they are still human and subject to sin.

Faith: Swift retribution

Rev. Bill Harrell reshares his faith column from June 2021, saying he believes it is even more relevant today than it was a year ago.

FAITH: Overalls and hundred-dollar bills

My father, Frank Harrell, was a furniture dealer in Tifton, Ga. for over 25 years. He was well known over the whole South Georgia area and people came from everywhere to buy furniture from “Frank.”

Faith Column: Darkness and Light

I’m sure that the vast majority of the people reading this little treatise will easily remember the times when they were small children and feared the dark.

Column: Faith: Ups and downs

Anyone who lives in a human body with a human mind and relating to the world of humans is going to find that they will always have the ups and downs of living life.

Faith: Things my father taught me

Rev. Bill Harrell reflects on family and the memory of his father.

FAITH: The Devastating Effect of a Postmodern Church

Rev. Bill Harrell's weekly faith column.

Rev. Bill Harrell

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