Editorial: State Sen. Harold Jones lack of transparency alarming

State Sen. Harold Jones recent actions should be alarming to all Georgians who believe in the principle of separation of powers.

Editorial: Bobby Williams has declared himself in charge of the commission

Augusta Commissioner Bobby Williams is not just a bully, he’s also a bad influence, and he’s going to lead some of the newer members astray of the best interests for the city and its citizens unless they wise up and grow backbones of their own. 

B.J. Wood Cartoon January 30, 2023

B.J. Wood Cartoon January 30, 2023

Editorial: It is long past time to change the city charter

The city/county merger was a shotgun wedding, and everyone knows it, but few seem willing to do anything to fix the consequences. The act that merged the city and county in 1996 (Augusta/Richmond County Consolidation Act) has long been recognized as a hastily drawn document. After almost 30 years, it is time for a revamp that will promote good government instead of obstruction by abstention. The old city of Augusta was bankrupt when the consolidation happened, and the only way out was to add to the tax base by incorporating the rest of the county. Former Senator Charles Walker has always been...

Editorial: Changing the city administrator requirements is a bad move

Changing requirements for the Augusta city administration is a bad idea.

Editorial: It is time to end the era of playground politics

It's time for the Richmond County Commission to stop playing childish politics.

Editorial: A tough, but correct decision

Augusta Judicial Circuit District Attorney Jared Williams was right to pursue the case against the swim instructor involved in the drowning death last summer of a Burke County child.

Editorial: Augusta’s early Christmas present

Garnett Johnson seems to be signaling that he will lead humbly and work for the good of Augustans.

Editorial: It is time to end the runoff election process in Georgia

Only two states, Louisiana and Georgia, participate in the antiquated and misguided runoff election process, and it is time for Georgia to abandon the practice.

Editorial: It is time to strengthen campaign finance law

It's time to change Georgia's campaign finance laws.

Editorial: Columbia County says Stay and be Social, but Tap is a drag

Columbia County made the right decision on Stay. Social Tap & Table's alcohol license.

Editorial Board: DA’s misguided efforts are costing lives

Augusta District Attorney Jared Williams' failures as a prosecutor are beginning to stack up like the rap sheets of the criminals he refuses to put behind bars and the results of his ineptitude are having a disastrous effect on our community. 

Editorial Board: Endorsements for Nov. 8 election

Election endorsements from The Augusta Press Editorial Board.

Editorial: Steven Kendrick campaign for mayor ended Tuesday

Mayoral candidate Steven Kendrick’s press conference announcing a development project at the Regency Mall site was ill-advised will likely prove harmful to his campaign for mayor.

Editorial Board: Richmond County Sheriff remains absent amid spree of violence

Other than making a joint announcement with the FBI, the sheriff has been almost as absent from the public as the now disgraced Augusta mayor.

Editorial Board: Sheriff’s office to blame in Natalie Paine investigation

A Special Master appointed by the Georgia Supreme Court has already ruled that Paine had no role in the taping of a suspect in the custody of the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office and his attorney, which is a serious violation of the suspect’s civil rights.

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