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Editorial: The Augusta Commission needs to act on finding a new administrator

Augusta is at a critical juncture, but the Augusta Commission refuses to take the steps to put a new administrator in place.

Editorial: The silence is deafening

The city of Augusta is quite literally being dragged, kicking and screaming, into being transparent with the public over this hacking incident with city computer networks.

Editorial: Where is Augusta’s fire chief?

Augusta's fire chief routinely goes AWOL when any when situation occurs with the fire department and it is time for the chief to understand the meaning of the word "transparency."

Editorial: We demand transparency and strive to be transparent as well

Transparency and honesty in government line the path of liberty, but secrecy and duplicity in government pave the road to tyranny

Editorial: Georgia governor, General Assembly are barking up the wrong tree

On its face, it seems like Senate bill 222, which is awaiting Gov. Brian Kemp’s signature, is an attempt to prevent money from outside the state to be used to sway elections. However, a careful reading of the bill shows it does nothing but styme local elections officials from receiving non-partisan grants to help fund the elections process.

Editorial: Augusta continues to resist making public records available

In the course of researching the lawsuit between the city of Augusta and C4 Live entertainment, the pointy heads in the Augusta law department began parsing words and phrases and again attempted to skirt the open records law and again, it was to their detriment.

Editorial: The witch hunt against Natalie Paine

Former Augusta District Attorney and now Assistant District Attorney in Columbia County Natalie Paine has faced a five year long legal battle that ultimately ended up in the Georgia Supreme Court and threatened to destroy her professionally.

Editorial: One day they will learn

In places where there is either an apathetic press or no press at all, elected officials become emboldened and feel they can do virtually whatever they want and that dog no longer hunts in Augusta, Ga.

Editorial: The ‘Malaise Era’ in Augusta is over

For the past decade, the city’s tax base has eroded and for good reason.

Editorial: It is time to put a stop to coverups

Richmond County Sheriff Richard Roundtree is circling the wagons yet again, refusing to release bodycam footage and continuing to show a pattern of behavior of someone who believes the law does not apply  to him or his office.

Garnett Johnson: In his own words

Garnett Johnson is a candidate for mayor. A runoff election is scheduled for June 21.

To your health: Black Beans: Superhero in a dark disguise

Black beans are the superhero of legumes. Dr. Robert Pendergrast explains why you should add more black beans into your diet.

Column: Berkeley, Slavery and the memory hole

Memory is a funny thing, and reflects on why some historical memories are valuable even if controversial.

Steven Kendrick: In his own words

Steven Kendrick is a candidate for mayor. A runoff election is scheduled for June 21.

Column: A divorce is not needed

Unity is what both Augusta and the United States need, not more division.

Column: Another Runoff Election—How We Can Save Money and Still Give Voters Options

A candidate for the Georgia House considers ways of avoiding runoffs in the future.
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