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Editorial Board: Richmond County Sheriff remains absent amid spree of violence

Other than making a joint announcement with the FBI, the sheriff has been almost as absent from the public as the now disgraced Augusta mayor.

Editorial: Why the watchdog role of the press matters

The press has a purpose: to protect the public's right to know.

Editorial Board: Sheriff’s office to blame in Natalie Paine investigation

A Special Master appointed by the Georgia Supreme Court has already ruled that Paine had no role in the taping of a suspect in the custody of the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office and his attorney, which is a serious violation of the suspect’s civil rights.

Editorial Board: Transparency is first step to reducing school violence

The Richmond County school system’s posture of concealing information and hoping nobody asks needs adjustment.

Editorial: City chooses to reward incompetence

The Augusta Press believes it's time for the Augusta to clean up its act where the Parks and Recreation Department is concerned.

Editorial: The public and the press must work together to help local government become more transparent

An open and transparent government is one of the bedrocks of a democratic society. Augusta-Richmond County’s leaders have taken the worst possible posture towards openness with the public.

Editorial: Steven Kendrick campaign for mayor ended Tuesday

Mayoral candidate Steven Kendrick’s press conference announcing a development project at the Regency Mall site was ill-advised will likely prove harmful to his campaign for mayor.

Vote incumbent for Columbia County School Board races

Columbia County is known for having some of the best schools in the state. The recent issues brought up by the candidates challenging the incumbents for the school board 

The Augusta Press announces its endorsements in the 2022 local primary elections

The Augusta Press has made some hard choices in deciding which candidates to endorse in the local primaries in Columbia and Richmond counties.

Editorial: County Commission is mayor’s keeper

It is time for the county commission to restore citizens' trust in local government.

Letter to the Editor

‘I WANT TO BUY YOUR HOUSE!’Mass Mailing Campaigns by Unlicensed Flippers Cause Havoc in a Booming Market – What You Can Do to Protect...

Letter to Editor: It’s Showtime! Why Not Augusta?

It’s an exciting time to live in Augusta. The city is growing with Fort Gordon, Augusta University and the cyber industry leading the way....

Opinion: Letter to the editor

YeSun Wiltse wants easier access for parents to express opinions to the Columbia County School Board.

Letter to the Editor

I have been attending Columbia County school board meetings for months, and this is not the first time I am disappointed with the coverage by Augusta Press.

Letter to the Editor

Deborah Fisher responds, at our invitation, to a column by Michele Toth that attacked her candidacy for Grovetown City Council.

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Book banning discussions have diverted attention from other issues

Katie Allen believes the recent discussions of book banning have diverted the public's attention from other issues in Columbia County schools.
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