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Opinion: Rev. Bill Harrell – The Train Has Arrived



I am a great fan of that classic western movie, High Noon.  You might remember that the movie is based around the High Noon arrival of the train which was carrying a man who had a gang awaiting him with his guns in hand.  They were going to terrorize the town and, in the end, only one man...

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  1. But what is *actually* happening in America now is that things are really just becoming more equal and White Christian privilege is becoming less pronounced, and it scares y’all. I see hypocritical judgment all around from much (not all) of American Christianity, and that’s why us younger people are leaving it behind and forming our own beliefs (I am in my upper 30s, so I’m an older Millennial). Personally, I still uphold Jesus as a great figure and think the world/country would be better off if Christians actually took Matthew 5-7 to heart and strived to live it out. But I really never heard much about the Sermon on the Mount from all the Christian churches I attended and didn’t really know about it until after I grew up and read it for myself. I now read it often and in many different Bible translations. Maybe if there wasn’t so much focus on clobbering the LGBTQ community and more focus on the actual teachings of Jesus, mainstream American Christianity could hold onto us younger folks who have access to the Internet and can easily learn about other cultures and beliefs. -Signed, someone who was raised conservative Christian

      • Thanks for the reply. Is that the only part of my thoughts that you could focus on? By the way, I attended Abilene Baptist Church for a while as a teenager (of my own volition; my parents were nondenominational) around 1998-1999. All I am really trying to get across is that people like me do *not* see the teachings of Jesus coming through many pastors… I especially don’t see it after reading the Bible (and continuing to read the Bible) and praying myself.

        • Your response was full of issues that require far more in response than this forum can handle. It was obvious to me that you, like many others in today’s world are frustrated and looking for answers. The only way to get your questions answered completely is if you continue to read God’s inspired word and to have a personal relationship with His Son. Thanks for your responses.

  2. Perhaps many should go back and study the Bible and it’s teachings. Many, in my opinion, attempt to alter the Bible to fit their personal beliefs and desires. Basically many should stop wondering if God is on their side; and, instead pray that they are on God’s side. There IS a difference.

  3. What about the problem of the church itself turning into a concert performance by twenty year olds gurgling words and waving their arms while fog fills the room followed by a ” you too can be rich and successful by just believing in your buddy, God” s” speech by a fifty year old wearing a motorcycle vest?

    • Thomas: You have hit the nail on the head! Thank you. It is an encouragement to me to know that people see what is happening to the Church into today’s world. The world has changed the church instead of the Church changing the world. I have often preached that you can’t do God’s business with the world’s methods. Thanks again for your response. BH

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