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Richmond County School Board Receives Pay Raise



The Augusta Legislative Delegation has approved a pay raise for members of the Richmond County School Board. The decision came just as legislators wrapped up the 2021 General Assembly session.

The board had requested raises that are almost double the current salaries. The board president will re...

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  1. Why reward those sworn to dutifully oversee the Richmond County School System when that school system is a historical failure in educating all kids except those of the White and Black “movers and shakers” of whom Venus, Jimmy and Pete are fearful?

  2. Frazier is correct failure is being rewarded. If there is poor parenting in a home with only the mother then the mother is the problem. Trying to blame the failure on a man who is not in the home is like trying to blame Columbia’s County school superintendent for the failures of the Richmond County school system.

    • I disagree on the father thing. I understand that you mean if he isn’t there he can’t control the child, but his absence directly impacts that childs’s attitude, behavior, and overall well being. The problems with low income children will never get fixed until the out of wedlock birth rate takes a dramatic turn for the better.

    • Kevin and Palmer, a problem more compelling than that of the single Mom who is working to rear her children is the male, not man, who chooses not to help her rear the child(ren) he begot.

      IN THE INTEREST OF EXPLANATION: Men help rear the children they beget. Unfortunately, not all children are begotten by Men. Too many are “sired” by irresponsible males more concerned with their ego- and sexual-gratification than with their responsibilities as Fathers. And, LEST YOU WANT TO CONCLUSION-JUMP, the problem of irresponsible males is not unique to any group. There are irresponsible Black males and irresponsible White males, including the sperm-donor of our grandson and granddaughter.

  3. There are several issues with what’s involved with the children not learning…single-parent household?, father vs no father?, low income, etc.. Although it does run most of us wrong with rewarding the board members with a raise, the fact remains that they haven’t received a raise in this little pay for 20 years. That’s a long time. The prices of gas, phone, and internet have all gone up significantly since the last time. Successful or not, these board members are NOT doing this for the money. They should get this raise.

      • You obviously follow this more closely than I do…maybe because I no longer live in Richmond County? So, I’m not exactly sure who you’re alluding to, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about. One more note…I think your previous comment was right on in talking about how some feel having a child makes them a “man” instead of them earning the responsibility of being a good father. Agree that this is a multi-cultural problem.

      • Won’t argue that…I get it. The ONLY reasons I’m saying the raise should go through is because the cost of things they need…gas, cell phone and Internet usage…has gone up the last 2 decades. This raise should not be seen as a reward. In fact, if anything, maybe it’ll help attract better and more qualified people to try to be on the board than are currently on it.
        This job is a VERY difficult one. We all agree that Richmond County schools are in a huge hole! First thing you do when you’re in a hole is to STOP DIGGING! The biggest and most detrimental factor this board faces, year in and year out, are parents who DGAS. It’s not an easy-fix to make these ignorant and selfish parents to care, much less show up for their children.
        I wholeheartedly agree that we need better members on the board, but let’s not pretend to think that we’ll get better people who’ll do it for charity. They should at least have their expenses covered.

  4. Ms Cain has basically given up and needs to resign. She is blaming outside influences for her failure, but she is offering no solutions. If she has no solutions to the obvious problems, why is she still there? Our BOE members asked for our votes and said that they could do the job. They are not doing that! I and just about everyone else understand that the current school model depends on parental support for the student to succeed. We also understand that a large number of these kids don’t have that support. So why is our BOE not busily changing that model to avoid that issue? We don’t have to completely change the culture, but we do need to change our system so that we don’t depend on something that we don’t have. Why is this so hard for some people to understand?

  5. This is typical behavior of any and all Richmond County officials. Perform at nearly the absolute lowest level in the state (and probably in the bottom 10% of the nation) and reward those results. Only a few weeks ago the state released the “report card” on the county school system and Richmond county was a solid “F”. Only one school in the entire county graded above a “C”. A student in the school system with similar grades would have to rely on social promotion to advance to the next grade level, I am certain they would not be rewarded in any way.

    Richmond county schools used to be some of the best in the state but 40 years of ineptitude by the Board of Education has turned them into a complete joke. These people having any notion that they deserve a raise is an excellent indicator of how Richmond county schools have gotten in the condition they are in. The board members should be fined and have to pay the county for the destruction they have wrought on the school system rather than expecting any sort of pay for the pitiful job they have done.

  6. I normally don’t respond to comments. First I want to thank Mr. Spinks for all his support, love and thinking of me daily. Most of you posting are probably RC grads who are successful but you attended a failing school system. So are you calling yourself a failure? Secondly some of you were teachers, administrators and I ask what impression did you leave on the system? My next concern, have you lifted a hand to help a struggling child, volunteered in a school, been apart of helping instead of throwing rocks. Remember the old saying when you point a finger at anyone you have three pointing back at you. Help if you really are concern instead of complaining. Because we have put many programs in place to help our struggling students. Staff are working hard to help students and constantly calling our students failures is wrong. That so called failing system is turning out your plumbers, CNA’s nurses, teachers, doctors, dentists, truck drivers, mechanics I can go on and on. I sure hate for one of our students taking care of you one day to say you called me a failure and walk away from you just as you have walked away from them.

    • Ms. Cain, thank you for responding at this time. Your comments were heartfelt, meaningful and inspired readers to take note of the plank in their own eye and not focus on the splinter in the other eye. Once in a while, the public needs to be reminded by the school leaders themselves that school board members care, are listening, and are not just elected officials who make official sanitized comments filtered through the legal department, or when running for office. Keep faithfully fighting the good fight.

    • People will not move to Richmond County because of its schools system and were it ranks compared to neighboring counties. Families and businesses have left Richmond County due to it’s failing school system for more them 40 years. What ever happened to pay for performance? That would mean pay cuts for most controlling our school system. And how long has Venus Cain been part of this system? Where was Richmond County schools ranked before Venus became a school board member compared to its current ranking?

    • This is exactly the response I would expect from a Richmond county official. Ms. Cain is looking us in the eye and telling us “the board of education and I have failed miserably at what we are elected to do and it is your fault, not ours, because you didn’t do enough to overcome our ineptitude”. Ms. Cain and the entire board should feel total shame every time they receive a paycheck from Richmond county. They are stealing money from the taxpayers by taking pay for a job they are not doing.

    • The Richmond County School Board has been failing since before I took my family out of Augusta and moved to Columbia County for quality education in the 1980’s However Mrs. Cain and her group have made it their mission to prove it can be worse and has the School system further failing at an increasing rate since she joined the board. None of you deserves a raise, and “ALL” of you should resign so the citizens can elect better leadership in Augusta. We(citizens of Metro Augusta) are sick and tired of seeing our youth given poorly educated year after year, bring down the perceived reputation of all of the CSRA.

  7. Where are similar SUCCESSFUL school systems in this country? They are out there but this bureaucratic, failing BOE and Superintendent are just too lazy to study success and implement changes. Isn’t it obvious from Ms. Cain’s response: IT’S SOMEONE ELSE’S FAULT! If you are bereft of ideas, RESIGN!

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