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Saga with Gold Cross EMS continues



The Augusta Commission finally will discuss ending the contract negotiation saga with Gold Cross EMS at its regular meeting on June 21.

Up to this point, the two parties have operated on a memorandum of understanding, not a signed contract. Now, both sides say they want to put the matter behind ...

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  1. There are still a few of us still alive that remember when there were only two ambulances in Augusta. Both of them were operated for free by two local White Only funeral homes. NO EMT”s, No O2, No Medical Supplies. Just a ride in a station wagon. Newest vehicle was a 1962 Oldsmobile station wagon. They only transported White patients and African Americans had to wait until a hearse from one of the African American funeral homes could be made available. What we have today evolved from the Medicare Act of 1965 and it took about two years after that before the free ambulances were no longer in service. We have it very good now is a blessing THAT must not be abused. If the ambulance service could only make public the number of callers that only need a ride in taxi but instead tie up an ambulance instead the public would be shocked. Same for the Wall Time at the hospitals that prevent them from leaving to take another call. Someone please provide the reports so everyone can see what is really causing the response time problems.

  2. “What would it hurt to have us meet with the administrator and attorney and work out an agreement and then present it to the commission?” They wouldn’t be able to micromanage is why.

  3. As Bruce said, there are a lot of calls for an ambulance that are just taxi service calls. Also, these commissioners are very interested in getting into the the county having its own service. Somebody has an eye on the money available for the taking and mismanagement.

  4. Whenever our council gets involved in a contract, expect a disaster! A contract that works in well run Columbia county does not need the Richmond county “special touch”!! Time to lock in acontract!

  5. Since Gold Cross does not have a contract with Augusta, they should just pull all their personnel and equipment out of the county. Maybe having a loved one die when the county cannot respond will change the voting habits or lack there of.

  6. The most horrifying words you can hear…I’m from the government and I’m here to help. Like someone above said if the county gets involved it means someone is going to be dipping into the funds for their own use..tho judging by Augusta voters they love corruption and high taxes so their preacher can live high on the hog..I meant mayor..my bad..

  7. The Commissioners have absolutely NO GRASP of what Gold Cross is up against on a daily basis in Augusta. The harsh reality is that the “populational cross-section” is let’s say “different” between ARC and Columbia County, which are both serviced by Gold Cross. When Chief James stopped supporting Gold Cross with Fire Department personnel to assist, he was wrong. In Columbia County, there is a much better relationship with Gold Cross and Columbia County Fire. I cannot believe how anyone in their right mind would think that ANY company would complete contract negotiations IN PUBLIC. Your driveway does not go all the way to the street (if the shoe fits, then you wear it) if you are one of the Commissioners that did believe this. Put together a private meeting with a committee of a couple of people, and legal rep, and get this done. ARC has a much larger population of indigent, and you are just going to have to accept it. Try as they may, downtown hospitals TRY to provide indigent services, but the harsh reality is the that indigent don’t have insurance, don’t go to the clinics when they need to, get sicker to the point of needing ambulance service, and therefore cost more to stabilize for transport. There is also a sector of the population that call 911 for a ride. Buckle up buttercup Commissioners — accept the fact, and get your act together, for the good of YOUR constituents.

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