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Scrutiny And Stonewalling Continue Over Augusta Mayor’s Spending



As calls continue to grow for a forensic audit on all city-issued credit cards, the bills rung up by the mayor’s office remain mystifying and receipts remain missing.

Some of Mayor Hardie Davis’ PayPal spending is obvious, as some charges were paid to his chief of staff Petula Burks and consulta...

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  1. Hahaha someone that chastised me on Twitter about his financial wizardry when it comes to delivering a balanced budget for the city can’t produce receipts nor explain his own expenditures..how do you spell crook? H-A-R-D-I-E..also? Stolen valor anyone????

  2. Thief!! Liar!! All these words come to mind as you read and follow the story. Anyone else would be charged and fired for the corruption that runs rampant through The Marble Palace where King Hardie Resides!!!!!!

  3. Following the Russian and Chinese communist revolutions, to survive and prosper you had to become a Communist Party member. As the U.S. morphs into a one-party socialist hell-hole, the only option will be to change your voter registration to the Democrat Party and pledge allegiance to the likes of King Hardie. That grants immunity from arrest and criminal prosecution, career advancement with no qualifications, and life-long government handouts. Have a good day, Comrade.

  4. It is very obvious to a lot of us that Davis is spending money on stuff that just is not necessary and he needs to provide receipts and explanations on the spending that is so far unaccounted for.We all know how arrogant this preacher/mayor whatever he is.I want to know what the 4500.00 expense was for as the company in Atlanta said that they have never done business with the city of Augusta but only with a church in Augusta?I think if someone digs into this we will find out some interesting stuff.He might have higher political aspirations but this behavior will follow him and he will not be elected to any other office that he may seek.A lot of people that I know have all said that they have “smarted up” about him and that they would never vote for him again for anything!

  5. The more I find out about this Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, the sicker it makes me. The so-called Preacher bringing in the “star” of a strip club series,
    To speak to women and girls in Moving with the Mayor, is demeaning and disgusting. Long ago, I influenced a family member to vote for Davis.
    I’m still apologizing for that. Thank you Scott, Sylvia and all truth-tellers at TAP.

  6. Commissioners? Where the heck are you? So the majority of commissioners condone these expenditures with no accountability? I have heard some of them mention that a forensic audit would not be a wise expense. Do they really mean that they do not want to be exposed, too? At this time, in my opinion, it is too expensive to not have an audit. Part of the expense would most likely be covered from money that should be required to be reimbursed. Do the right thing here, commissioners!

  7. I will echo what another commenter said. Why isn’t law enforcement looking into this? I mean at the state level. There should not be an audit done locally, it should be launched by the Attorney General.

  8. I am extremely impressed with the Augusta Press and its efforts to hold Mr. Davis accountable. Keep digging. Eventually, you will convince the entire county commission that they cannot hide from the truth.

  9. Everyone should call our commissioners and demand action now. File complaints at the state level also. The state should step in and take control of the day to day operations of the City of Augusta. Until all the evil political individuals have been removed from public office.

  10. (Credit to Sophie-Ann McCulloch at Newsbreak.com for this story.)

    Judge William Wigington, former Pickens County Chief Magistrate Judge, was recently sentenced to 15 years in prison.

    The GBI investigated and Chris Carr, GA AG, prosecuted him on one count of racketeering, three counts of fourth-degree forgery, five counts of theft by taking, thirty-nine counts of unauthorized use of a financial transaction card, and one count of violation of oath of office.

    An investigation started after a local non-profit organization discovered Judge Wigington used their bank account to pay for his credit card payment. Judge Wigington also used his county-issued credit card to purchase personal items worth thousands of dollars and also doubled the amount on invoices for county trip reimbursements. He also stole $200 from a charity fund set up to buy a suit for a child.

    Does this corruption and criminal activity sound familiar? Write Chris Carr asking him to investigate King Hardie and the Augusta-Richmond County Commission.

  11. Ye gods! Does anyone wonder why there’s been an exodus of intelligent, educated and responsible citizens from Richmond County to Columbia County and North Augusta? Richmond County is failing at every level – the Mayor, Commission, School system, crime, etc., etc. And 3 responsible commissioners cannot possibly override the woefully inept decisions of the gang of 6. The GBI absolutely needs to investigate the spending practices of the Mayor and anyone else who has a city credit card. Time to start withholding taxes!

  12. A forensic audit is needed. An analysis and review of the financial records of the mayor and others holding credit cards, to extract facts, which can be used in a court of law. A forensic audit will cover a large spectrum of activities. A forensic audit would enable taxpayers to prosecute for fraud, embezzlement or other financial crimes should those come to light. Every commissioner needs to demand this – ASAP. Way past time. As to the military discount, Hardy bears the shame of stolen valor. Disgraceful.

  13. After reading all these comments, I agree with every one of them. Please, will someone up there in law enforcement step up somehow? There is a history of crooks and criminals in Augusta, Richmond Co. government. And to think these people actually get re-elected…….

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