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Some Columbia County Republicans hostile to Brad Raffensperger



Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger made a quick exit from a Republican breakfast in Grovetown under armed guard Saturday morning after listeners became hostile to the man they blame for former President Donald Trump’s loss in the 2020 election.

Everyone played nice while they sipped c...

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  1. Did Mr. Good ask Rep. Allen what exactly needed to be cleaned up? Did he ask what exactly Mr Raffensperger did that could possibly compare to Stalin? Is this the type of question that occurs to TAP reporters?

  2. There are no deep thinkers in modern journalism.

    But as to your other questions, it doesn’t seem Allen was comparing Raffensperger to Stalin. The comparison was democrat ballot harvesting to Soviet election practices. Unfortunately Raffensperger was and still is asleep on those.

  3. I closely followed all the “vote-harvesting” process that was reported in various news outlets. As an educated, scholarly man, I am totally convinced that Secretary Raffensperger is an honorable man who supported the legal process. Mr. Trump and many of his cronies are political bullies. I am a moderate Republican voter, and yes, I did vote for Trump in’16 and ’20, but should his name pop up on the ’24 ballot, I will not vote for him.

      • Yep, I side with Mr. Sumner on his Trump sentiments as I am a moderate as well. However, if he is the nominee I will hold my nose a third time and vote for him a third time. It is called pragmatism, choosing between the lesser of bad choices.

  4. It is a shame Mr. Raffensperger was treated rudely. I am inclined to agree with him as to the reason Trump lost. Trump, if he had kept his mouth shut instead of stoking fires on illegal votes, which caused many to stay home, he may have pulled out the needed votes (JMO).
    Do due diligence on the upcoming elections. There are tremendous outside influencers in our Georgia races, be careful what you wish for, least we end up as a blue state. Think carefully, we are in good fiscal shape due to our current governor’s leadership.

  5. Sounds like these people did not go to listen to his platform and try to understand, it was just a witch hunt. I also agree with Secretary Raffensberger’s rationale as to Trumps loss. I have spoken with so many Republicans that could not bring themselves to vote for Trump in the last election-sounds like about 33,000 in GA.

  6. Waited until the video was posted, but the event is now up on the CCGAGOP facebook page. You can have a look of you own to see that the Augusta Press is straight up lying about the event. Questions may have been a bit pointed but Raffensperger stayed for extra questions not “left hastily” or however the lying journo put it. The “armed guard” was just the regular detail that follows him.

    Absolutely dishonest and caught on video.

  7. A forensic audit of GA’s 2020 elections would answer many questions. We have seen that leadership in the FBI was corrupt, what influence did they have on the GBI? Why did many courts refuse to look into the proceedings as requested instead of sticking their heads in the sand? What we need is a true draining of the swamp, crossing many levels of government!

    • It is time to move on, but also time to expose past shenanigans to ensure they don’t happen again. The recounts that were done could not reveal ballot harvesting. The mail in and not voting in person was the cheat. They are trying to keep COVID fears alive to do it again.

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