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Something you might not have known: Woodrow Wilson



In an era when President Woodrow Wilson’s name has been removed from his beloved Princeton University, Historic Augusta Inc. continues in its mission to educate the public about America’s 28th president.

While most presidential scholars regard Wilson as an above average president, the legacy of ...

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  1. This column is a striking example of reactionary cognitive dissonance. Reactionaries went bezerk when Nicole Hannah Jones in the 1619 Project suggest that chattel slavery of Africans in North America & white supremacy throughout USA’s history since its founding were essential to understanding our society.

    Then you have our local historical society apologizing for white supremacist Woodrow Wilson by saying “everyone was racist then.”

    Doesn’t that confirm the point of the 1619 Project?

  2. The historian’s first name is Nikole, not Nicole.

    The column goes on to note that the family owned no slaves. Why do USA apologists love to note this? Isn’t it possible that the elder Wilson gained social status through advocacy of slavery, thus enabling his son’s eventual rise to the Presidency?

  3. “According to the Book of Exodus, Moses was born in a time when his people, the Israelites, an enslaved minority.” WIKIPEDIA …. the prophet Moses may have been an Israelite Supremecist …. ban all books mentioning him.

  4. “The African slave-trade was inaugurated by the Arab-Muslims; it lasted around thirteen centuries without interruption. It was accompanied by a generalized castration of incalculable numbers of Black captives. Its impact was greater than the Trans-Atlantic slave-trade. The saddest thing about this historic tragedy is that most of the deported people were deprived of having any descendants, due to the policy adopted by the Arabs. In the Arab world, the notion of the basic inferiority of Black people took deep root, which explains the acceptance of the ill-treatment of Black captives, and the means used to deny them any descendants. The result is that in our day they have almost disappeared in Turkey, Yemen, and Iraq; and very few survivors can be found in North Africa and Saudi Arabia. The Arab-Muslim slave-trade was a veritable genocide of Black people. By way of comparison, around 70 million African descendants of the Trans-Atlantic slave-trade now live in the Americas; mainly in the United States, Brazil, and the Caribbean islands; while only a tiny minority of Africans have survived in the Arab-Muslim lands. Thus, a veil of silence has for a long time covered-up a dark page of history, as we also observe this strange amnesia on the part of Black elites. They are wrong to ignore the memory of this genocide. Equally, it’s unscientific, when they concentrate their attention, on the Trans-Atlantic slave-trade.” “The Veiled Genocide: A forgotten Historic Tragedy”
    By Bassam Michael Madany

  5. Wilson was a terrible president. He was a leader in the Progressive Era which shredded the Constitution. His actions toward the Japanese representatives at the WWI peace treaty were a contributing factor of them become an expansionist militarily and leading to the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The author is right in that he thought of himself as the parent of the American people and as such had the attitude that they were not capable of self-government and that highly trained technocrats should run the government and not the citizens. The Progressive Era gave us the worst constitutional amendment in the 17th which resulted in the senators being elected by the people rather than the state legislatures. This resulted in the states having no elected representative at the national level Both the House and Senate represent the “people’s interests” and not that of the states which are at time completely at odds. That was one of the greatest parts of the Constitution. Wilson had a hand in the terrible drawing of boundaries in the Middle East without consideration of historical linkage.

  6. Can’t forget that Wilson (he later said he regretted it) signed into law the Federal Reserve Act and the Income Tax Act in 1910. These two acts set the stage for the takeover of U.S. currency by a private bank (the “Fed”) and assuring that loans from the Fed to the US Government would forever have the collateral of a tax on the labor of American Citizens. The US Dollar has lost 98% of its value since.

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