St. Teresa’s Issues Statement on Attack of Its Preschool Teacher


Parishioners at Grovetown’s St. Teresa of Avila Catholic Church were given an update Sunday on the situation regarding a preschool teacher who was beaten by a mother claiming the 61-year-old teacher had abused her nonverbal 2-year-old child.

A statement was read during masses that the church mother’s day out program had turned over videos of the mother’s attack on the teacher as well as footage from the classrooms to the Columbia County Sheriff’s Department.

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“This week, Father Ingram was informed by the investigators of the Columbia County Sheriff’s office that a careful review of the entirety of all recordings showed no mistreatment of any child in our program and nothing to in anyway support the false narrative of the person who assaulted the teacher,” according to Rev. Mr. Bob Kepshire, who read the statement in a video of the 9 a.m. Sept. 12 mass on the St. Teresa of Avila website.

Kasey Brooks was arrested Sept. 1 and charged with battery.

During a meeting with the teacher and a school director, she allegedly assaulted June Barrow, the teacher. A witness tried to stop Brooks’ assault but could not. The school worker yelled for help and a second witness came into the room and pulled Brooks off the victim.

“But then Kasey jumped back on her and again started hitting her with her fist as the victim was lying on the floor,” according to a sheriff’s report. “Kasey also bit the victim’s left thumb/palm, leaving visible marks.”

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The witnesses pulled the parent off the teacher, and the teacher retreated to a class bathroom and locked the door. Brooks left the building, saying she would “wait for her mugshot,” a report said.

Jack Long, attorney for Barrow, called the community’s rush to defend Brooks “reckless.”

Donations to Brooks’ Go Fund Me had exceeded $20,000.

Long did not expect any charges to be filed against his client since the allegations against Barrow are materially false, according to a Sept. 9 story in The Augusta Press.

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  1. As soon as you get the Sheriff Dept to confirm that there was no abuse, will the headline be “No Abuse Found” or something similar? Will it be on your Facebook page too? Church response does not indicate the substance of the story.

  2. i hate to point out the obvious, but the article plainly states the columbia county sheriffs department viewed the tapes and found no evidence of abuse. no they are not going to release the tapes to the general public because of privacy laws regarding ALL the other children in that class. did any of you bother to even consider that the childs home life might be the cause of his non verbal behavior or that his mother could have mental issues? after all most could abuse happens in the home by the very people who are suppose to protect them. in all honesty i think DFACS needs to be called in.