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Stacey Abrams running for governor next year



by Dave Williams | Dec 1, 2021 | Capitol Beat News Service

Stacey Abrams

ATLANTA – Democrat Stacey Abrams launched a long-anticipated bid for Georgia governor Wednesday, potentially pitting her in a rematch of her 2018 race against Republican Gov. Brian Kemp.

Abrams, a former Georgia House...

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  1. As hard as I may try, I can see no indication a Governor Stacy Abrams would represent my values, ideals, and what Georgia, as a member of the republic, is designed to be by America’s constitution.

    I am sure she means well, but the mantra of offended, wronged, persecuted and entitled America is alien to me.

    Kemp has made some mis-steps he will suffer from but I will take the proven against the experimental everyday.

    It is time for rural and urban Gpd fearing people to step to the polls and elect men and women who reflect our values. No dog whistle here, those folks are black, white, brown and yellow. Atlanta shouldn’t be allowed to select our next Governor, nor Senators nor Congressman. Stand and be counted.

  2. It will be a hard no for me. She has stirred up nothing but divisiveness and hurt many with her move to oust the All-star game from Atlanta. I would question her fiscal responsibility to taxpayers based on the history of her personal finances. She is a proponent of expanding government, see Medicare etc.
    If she had been elected we would be in the same boat as every Democratic state – under lockdown. Say whatever you want about Governor Kemp but Georgia is in better financial shape due to his decisions on how to approach the pandemic. Not going to argue this point, fiscal reports prove this. We can agree to disagree.

  3. We must fight back hard to prevent Democrat Socialism from taking over Georgia. She fought hard to stop the All Star game from coming to Atlanta and it cost the city millions of dollars. She represents the state’s where most of her money will come from, California and New York. A lot of people are concerned about some of the things Brian Kemp has done, but in a situation like this we cannot split the conservative votes. For those of you that didn’t vote in the last Senate election, you helped elect Warnock and Osoff. Please for the sake of Conservative values, don’t let this happen again.

  4. Do not glibly write her off. The fly in the ointment will be Kemp. He has made enough people angry and dislike him so much they will stay home just as so many were angry about the election process and stayed home for the senate runoff. This chopping off the nose to spite the face cost us two senators. Of course, the two Republicans ran a sorry campaign never telling the people what they would do for the state other than keep two socialist Democrats from becoming senators. Staying home to spite Kemp will result in Abrams being governor.

    • Amen. I admire that Democrats will nominate and elect a convicted felon if having that felon in office will further their agenda and maintain their power and control. As noted, stiff-necked Republicans will stay home on election day if their favorite is not nominated, thereby gifting the office to the Dems. David Perdue is considering running for governor. Gary Black is running to unseat Warnock, Republicans keep trotting out old, rich, white Republicans with the crowd appeal of a dead carp. Not a winning strategy.

    • I would agree. A hard look at Kemp’s record and where the state is fiscally should be persuasion enough to continue with Kemp. A united electorate is the only way to stave off the outside influencers and money that will be pouring in the state. This is not a time for divisiveness. JMO.

  5. I think Stacey Abrams is a very bright, articulate woman wants to do some positive things for the people of Georgia. As a black woman, I really want to be able to support her. But as an independent, my political choices hinge on candidates that represent my views the closest. After carefully looking at her platform the last time she ran, I could not vote for her because we disagreed on so many issues. The fact that she is receiving a great deal of out of state financial support, including globalist George Soros, is also cause for concern. Now last time, I held my nose and voted for Kemp, who I believe is as crooked as they come. I don’t know if I can muster up the will to repeat that. I wanted to support Vernon Jones, but there is a lot of info coming out about his time running Dekalb county and past allegations of sexual misconduct among other things. Kandiss Taylor would make a good choice, but I don’t think she has the political capital to beat Kemp. So I don’t know how I will vote this time around.

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