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Stay Social Tap & Table to resist alcohol license suspension by Columbia County



Stay Social Tap and Table could be facing revocation of its alcohol license.

On Sept. 6, Paul Scarbary, director of Columbia County’s Development Services Division, sent owner Renee Hajek a letter notifying her that the county is “initiating actions to suspend or revoke” the eatery’s alcoholic b...

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  1. Sounds like a 14th Amendment issue. The county has a law that is only strictly monitored and enforced if a business has a loan. The county relies on complaints and snitches to monitor other businesses, instead of annual sales reports. Smacks of the way ARC does business. Maybe the commission will do the right thing here.

  2. And that right thing to do is shut them down for non-compliance. My money is on if the county had a do over, they would have never done the deal with them in the first place knowing what they know now that they did not know then. I have been there once to eat and realized quickly no one will be buying their over-priced food. Now I understand they have to over-price their food in order to try and comply with the 50/50 rule. Won’t ever happen unless they cut their drink prices by 50% and keep the food over-priced. People go there to drink.

    • That’s the law for all restaurants in Columbia County though. One shouldn’t get special exception should they? That would give them a competitive advantage and set a precedent for other “bars” to come to the county.

  3. Not that anyone really cares, but here is my “take”. IF the Commissioners are smart, they will back the bus up. This was a disaster for Columbia County from the get-go. I need no other proof than the fact that original “partnership” was to construct TWO joint-venture buildings with Meybohm. They only built ONE, and canceled the other one. When it was announced that the lease rate was going to be $30 a square, I knew it was toast. The area really could not justify that inflated rate in 2019-2020 — still can’t. Between COVID and the several times delayed Performing Arts Center completion, I do not see how the Commission could actually believe there could be ANY guarantee of success in the timeframe. With the CCPAC up and running, and the China Virus mostly behind us, both Stay Social and Your Pie should survive. If the Commissioners are genuine, they should revisit this in six to nine months. If they fail, the County is stuck once again with a $30 a square foot elephant, and lost money. Pretty much a no-brainer, as far as this sixty seven year-old guy is concerned. I will plan to be at the meeting tomorrow. They need to be given a chance.

  4. Did Stay Social meet the total gross sales required for the 2 year time frame? If so, then the issue is not “how” much business, it is “what type” or “food/alcohol sales ratio” that is the issue. I am not following how COVID played a role in that unless people just drank more alcohol during COVID? But even then, Stay stated that her first year ratio was like 49.84 % which is very close to 50%, so if after 2 years they are not meeting the 50%, it means that they have not met it for the 2nd fiscal year either. I am not following the logic behind about how COVID effected the ratio…

  5. No, I agree with the County. It’s so much better to have empty buildings sitting around slowly disintegrating. Just look at all those empty stores on Washington Road. Don’t they look nice? Instead of hiring people as chefs, waiters, sales people, etc. they can hire people to maintain those empty buildings. Great idea! (Oh, maybe the Texas Guvnor can ship those illegal aliens over here to be housed in those buildings! That’s even better!)

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