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For America, a free press is not optional



The public has a right to know what its elected officials are up to. Period. That’s the point of Sunshine Week, which just ended yesterday, March 19 – to remind citizens of their right to information.

We often take that right for granted in the United States. After all, we have a (moderately) ...

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  1. How does Putin devise his evil military plans? By reading United States history! Specifically during, The War Between The States, aka, The American Civil War. “Civil”? NO, The South’s, civilian population was attacked! Read on!

    Next week, from period newspapers, would you please include pictures of Charleston, South Carolina, in April, 1865? Why? As to point out how the U.S. military destroyed the civilian areas, including churches, with their steeples, providing good targets. For 18 months, “The Holy City” had been deliberately shelled by the United States Navy, from the sea and the United States Army, from local islands conquered.
    Then, for our edification, please print pictures of Atlanta, Georgia, in November, 1864, as United States General Sherman left it in ruins to go on a 6-week “march” to conquer all between there and Savannah, Georgia. Didn’t Sherman coin the phrase, “I’m gonna make Georgia howl”? He did, with a 60 mile-wide swath of killing civilians, raping white or black women, as well as, destroying all semblance of civilization, in burning homes and fields, plus looting and plundering.

    From Savannah, Ga. in January, 1865, after a month of harassing the civilian population there, Gen. Sherman proceeded to cross the Savannah River, with the target of Columbia, South Carolina, her capitol, in his plan. Oh, what a plum, The Capitol of The Original State To Constitutionally Secede from The United States! Steady and sure, going through the swamps and countryside, another 60 mile-wide swath of destruction like in “Sherman’s March To The Sea”, in Georgia.

    Please include another picture in next week’s edition of the ruins of Columbia, from the February 17, 1865 military action, as the soldiers of Union General Sherman’s army ransack Columbia, South Carolina, and leave a burned and charred city in their wake.

    Lest we forget, Sherman continued destroying all in a further 60 mile-wide path on his way to Durham Station, North Carolina, There, on April 26th, 1865 he did receive the surrender of the Confederate Army of Tennessee, from General Johnston. Yet, the surrender of General Robert E. Lee of the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia, on April 9, 1865, did not give Sherman a reason to pause for these 17 days. His destruction of the civilian population continued, until the April 26th.

    Yes, The War was over, but The South didn’t recover for several decades from the United States military’s decision to wage war on the civilian population.
    Lest we forget, lest we forget!

  2. I would like to point out that freedom if speech is, indeed, important. However, how can we combat this freedom of speech when the media purposely lie and distort truth for political purposes? What will it take for honest media to prevail over dishonest media? With the recent actions of our aspiring law students in elite law programs, not much hope can be seen because their actions to override the very law that they are studying to uphold is being ignored in some cases, celebrated in some areas, and rewarded in others.

    • Hi Richard – I normally don’t reply to comments, but you asked a question that the teacher in me can’t ignore, especially since I spent 30 years teaching students how to recognize bias and distortion in the media. The best way to avoid distortion is to identify the media services that you trust and consume your news there. Subscribe and support them financially so they can stay in business. Ultimately, the media that survive and thrive are those that are well supported by advertisers and subscribers. Newspapers struggle today because so few people read and subscribe or else want newspapers and magazines for free. Alas, that’s not how the industry works. So, you and every other American can have a very direct influence on which media are available in the marketplace of ideas and which are not.

      • Debbie – I fully agree with you on this. It seems to me that this country needs better informed readers of the news; and, who have an understanding of the situation(s) being presented. This may come back to education in some instances. However, many very smart, well informed, and well known public figures (politicians, news anchors, and others) just LIE for political reasons. When the lie is uncovered – no real personal penalty is administered. The media, in my opinion, need to do a better job of policing their profession.
        Education had National Accrediting Agencies that periodically evaluate and accredit institutions and their specific programs based upon state and national accepted standards. The accrediting agencies have the authority to recommend the revocation of program and/or institution accreditation. I wonder what would happen if the media (print, radio and video) was subjected to some approved standards with penalties for not delivering?

  3. Upon further review FINLAND IS #2 ON LIST OF TOP 50 COUNTRIES FOR PRESS FREEDOM! Yet, please explain this?

    Finnish members of Parliament Päivi Räsänen and Lutheran Bishop Juhana Pohjola were in a courtroom Monday facing up to two years in prison. Their crime: expressing religious views.
    Räsänen faces three charges of ethnic agitation for a 2004 pamphlet, for taking part in a discussion on a radio show in 2019, and most recently, for tweeting a picture of the Bible.
    In a 2019 tweet, Räsänen questioned her church and linked to an Instagram post with a picture of Romans 1:24-27.

    Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, wrote in an op-ed for Fox News.
    “Finland is a European liberal democracy that ostensibly promises its citizens basic human rights such as freedom of speech, religion, assembly, equality under the law, property rights, among others,” Roy and Perkins continued. “However, the Finnish government seems to have forgotten these core values, acting more like a woke theocracy as it attempts to punish citizens who dare contradict the secular dogmas of the day.”


  4. Umm, could be yet another case of “Russian Disinformation”, or perhaps “Russian Collusion” ?
    It is best for the common, untutored & unlearned to abandon all their questionable common sense & wait patiently to be duly informed on the real truth from the hallowed, sanctified, agreed admonitions of Media, Tech, Academia, & Government,

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