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Sylvia Cooper: Davis shares recent work on gun violence with commission



(Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this column are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of The Augusta Press.) 

There are 151 days left in King Hardie Davis mayoral reign. Thank goodness.

I’m not looking forward to those days, but I’m going to keep my eye on where...

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  1. Will the Cost of living pay increase be given to the next person who occupies the titled seat or do we expect the people will never leave so it won’t matter?

    Some of the vets may have benefits to purchase, but will the homeless purchase these homes or will our government buy them for the developer to cash out? Just like art, creating it is one thing, but selling it is another.

  2. More money promised to law enforcement agencies is worthless; the damage is already done. The sheriff’s office already has many vacant positions. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to be in a position that their actions weren’t supported by the local DA, and that one mistake or some Monday quarterback could question your judgment in a split-second situation could land you in prison for life. The mayor’s talk is cheap, but his actions reveal his true soul as a self-serving public “servant”.

  3. As far as I am concerned, “Mayor” Davis is not qualified to lecture us on anything. He needs to spend some time cleaning up his own affairs before opening his mouth about taking rights away from others. Isn’t he the same one who needed all the protection when he first took office. As soon as he explains why his crooked hide is more important to protect over the rest of us, it may be wise to sit over there and shut up.
    Maybe he should ask the DA, why he keeps letting career criminals out. But, we all know why.

  4. The coyotes are more than nerve-wracking out here in Columbia County. The howls and shrills make even a strong person look for cover. At the end of the day, you have to shoot those stealthy savages. You’ll need a scope.

  5. The government actions revealed by Ms. Cooper are so wrong, on so many levels, I don’t know where to begin, but I’ll try. Solving real problems is outside their realm of competence and abilities. Any attorney who knowingly make an end-rub around state laws should be fired, brought up for disciplinary action, and disbarred. $833 a square foot for a tiny home? Let a contract to a local, bonded general contractor to use volunteer county prisoners to build the house in return for learning marketable skills they can use after they are released. Hope Roy recovers well and quickly – he’s a brave, loyal dog.

  6. Mr. Davis is just like every other liberal Democrat Mayor; a legend in his own mind . He left his ill wife and son to pursue his worldly ideals. Yes , ” I want to be someone important with another woman by my side “. Guns do not kill. It is the person that pulls the trigger. That does not matter to the liberal ilk. They only want to ban , ban and ban. Further how can a Godly pastor be a Democrat in these times today. Look how many children have been killed in the name of Women’s health care. God’s judgment is coming upon this nation and those who support evil as good and good as evil.

  7. Another excellent article. I missed last week’s Commission meeting, and I truly wish I had not. I might’ve needed Gold Cross, after I assuredly would’ve bitten my lip almost entirely, listening to mayor Davis’ gun control tirade, and all that talk about EVIL GLOCK. The HGTV “Tiny House Nation” houses are nowhere NEAR $800 a square. That is more than the houses we looked at in Bradenton, FL, and that included an in-ground pool, and gated security. Lastly, about emergency Vet care, there has been a lot of “consolidation” of late by the “for-profit” corporations like Blue Pearl. We had a bad experience with them, right after Augusta Animal Emergency was sold/closed to Blue Pearl. BUT, last June 30, 2021, when our “Chipper” crashed, and our Vet was closed, they took us in, and agreed with us that it was time to say good-bye. THEY WERE AWESOME ! Even the Vet that night, held Chipper, right along with us, as he went to sleep. Received a Sympathy Card, signed by the staff, a couple of days later. We need more Vets, and we need more Doctors and Nurses. It is getting tougher and tougher out here… BTW: January 2, 2023 cannot get here fast enough. Hardie better have his desk cleaned out by then.

  8. GUN CRIMES CAN BE STOPPED! Pass a law that states clearly that any, repeat any crime carried out or attempted with a firearm of any kind GUARANTEES a minimum sentence of 20 years with no early out. That law, along with tough, no nonsense district attorneys and less sympathetic judges says clearly: “gp tp prison”! Watch gun crime stop .

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