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Sylvia Cooper: Dollars to donuts, most Augustans don’t care who’s the next mayor



(Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this column of those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of The Augusta Press.) 

I’d bet a dollar to a hole in a donut that most of the educated, engaged and involved people reading this column voted in the very important runoff election...

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  1. Ms. Cooper, I truly enjoy your often spot on commentary, however, must provide a correction. My comments and position to the commission regarding Confederate monuments-like those of the Task Force- is to relocate them. I won’t debate the reasoning here, but will say that relocating them ( or a portion) at the cemetery or within a museum seems proper. But no one sees the merits of erasing history- it’s critical to learning and growing a society that will advance the purpose of “a more perfect Union”. Relocation of these monuments is not a “woke” moment, but rather an acknowledgement that their presence, and the underlining purpose they represent is not a reflection of who we are or care to be. Removng them is no more erasing history than the removal of of the “white only” signs.
    History and Heritage-matter. Truth matters. But who’s?
    Confederate history is grounded in the words of the States’ secession declarations and the Confederate Constitution. Central to all-that “peculiar institution”- Chattel Slavery. Georgia’s document refers to slavery 26 times, property (which included slaves) 7 -and States Rights zero.
    Its heritage stated by Alexander Stevens- That the Confederacy’s foundation and its cornerstone rested, “upon the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery, subordination to the superior race, is his natural and normal condition.”
    Ironic how these words and monuments fall within today’s forbidden doctrine of “divisive concepts”.

  2. There are those who do not understand or want to understand the truth and purpose of the Augusta Richmond County Memorial on Board Street. The facts are available for any who wish to research them at the AU library. Our memorial was constructed with funds raised by the Ladies Memorial Association to honor their sons, husbands, fathers and family members who died in that bloody war. Many of those men lie in unmarked graves far away from their homes. The fact is the community of Augusta including members of the Black community donated to the LMA. Also an inconvenience fact that those who wish to remove our memorial ignore is that it is illegal to do so. There is State law 50-3-1 that prohibits it from being moved.

  3. The sources of the contributors tell a lot.
    Bobby Williams needs to go.
    The monument needs to be left alone.
    Gold Cross did an outstanding job helping me twice.
    Sylvia and Scott Hudson – Please dig into and let us know what is going on with the Sammie Sias fiasco.

  4. Michael Gallucci…your comment and position on the monument seem (how do I say this nicely?) DUMB WOKISM … the beautiful and artistic Augusta Confederate Monument was put up (at no expense to the government) to honor those who died in the terrible war of 1861…. amazing that I have seen written that it was to celebrate slavery … that is the furtherist thing from the truth. You “johnny-come-lately” folk to our city need to consider the feelings of ALL Augustans….do not tear down…build up Augusta.

  5. Russ Gambill is absolutely correct in his comment.
    Today the extremists on the far left are coming after Augusta’s Confederate Monuments . In other states and cities controlled by far left radicals the bodies of Confederate soldiers have been exhumed and moved . In New York the far left complain that a statue of Abraham Lincoln is disrespectful and offensive to some citizens.
    Today the far left supports removing Confederate Monuments . Next they will advocate removing the Signer’s Monument and exhuming the bodies of George Walton and Button Gwinnett.

  6. It never ceases to amaze me that the groups (individuals) who push for monument removal never want to take a moment and listen to the other side. They assume they know more and have a market on the moral issues. They believe that a bias “task force” is the voice of the majority. That has yet to be proven. The Augusta Confederate Memorial Monument has a history that is not a part of glorifying anything. It stands for nothing more and nothing less than a memorial to the dead, some whose bodies were never recovered. Anyone who chooses to delve into its history will see that from its inception that was its only purpose. The figure on top of this monument makes it unique. Berry Benson was a local soldier that went on after his life to be a great humanitarian to all races.

  7. I find is sad that the voters rejected one of the outspoken opponents of the nonsense that goes on in the Augusta commission. John Clare is replaced by another one of the “GO ALONG-GET ALOND “boys” of the Bob Young era. Now Young will be the puppetnaster of Gilfoyle, just like Soros and Obame are for Biden. Sad indeed.

  8. About the Confederate monuments and other things that bother people like “ Aunt Jemima”, “land of lakes butter Native American image” etc . I haven’t noticed a big improvement in the disposition of the left where and since these things have been removed. Many on the left still seem to hate America and our Government with the same intensity as before. Now their ire is turned to the Supreme Court. Once the Supreme Court is torn down or packed what or against what will their anger be turned against?

  9. This brings back memories. This is EXACTLY what my grandmother did, though I didn’t watch from a picnic table. I helped. “Anyway, when they’d quit flopping around, she’d hang them upside down on a hook and slit their throats and let them bleed into a bucket before she immersed them in boiling water and then plucked their feathers, after which she cut them open and took out the edible parts which was almost everything but the guts which she threw into a slop bucket for the hogs or the dogs. I can’t remember which. Then she washed the chickens good under cold running water, cut them up at the joints and rolled them in salted and peppered flour and fried them in hot lard. She fried everything in lard rendered from the hogs they killed when it went below freezing in November or December. I’ll tell you about that next week. I watched it all sitting on a picnic table.”

  10. I read Sylvia’s column every week but this week as I’m reading I get to the part where it’s wrote “I’m getting ahead of myself. We’ll have to talk about that later… “ . I’m thinking dang who wrote this was it Michael Meyers ? Mrs Hill be glad you didn’t shake hands because there’s some things you just can wash off. I do remember the killing of the chickens.

  11. According to Sylvia Cooper ,
    Wayne Guilfoyle received two contributions from Constantine Constructors LLC of Fort Walton Beach , Florida in the amounts of $2500.00 each .
    That is a total of $5000.00 .
    John Clarke received $2000.00 from Constantine Consultants LLC
    AND another $2000.00 from Constantine Group ,
    It may just be coincidental that the name Constantine appears so frequently in this District. 10 race .
    Does anyone know ?

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