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Sylvia Cooper: With extra COVID money, city should be able to get maintenance done



(Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this column of those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of The Augusta Press.) 

Augusta officials have had more money to spend the past two years because of COVID-19 funding than any commission in the city’s history. So, it seems odd th...

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  1. The pending gushing of city property tax monies will cover the financial fiasco left by so called leaders who WILL NOT BE AROUND SOON. Oh that Summerville could return as a city unto itself.

    • When communities handle themselves “neighbor to neighbor” things are done well, and the people are served. When things get big and politics take over, things go sideways and it gets wasteful. That is why the neighborhood schools of 100 years ago worked so well. People take care of their own. We get caught up in Diamond Lakes vs. downtown vs. Summerville and the right things don’t get done. It is “office politics”. Nobody wins in the end and taxpayers take it in the rear end.

  2. This editorial reveals all that is needed to say about our current leadership in ARC. Good lord please help us find a way to recover from all this incompetence and mismanagement. Of course things are not getting fixed. Things getting fixed is not as powerful as paying people bonus money, giving raises or hiring more people to suck up to you. The stupid things that are done with “the peoples money” has got to stop now. We are entering a very difficult economic period and people will be barely able to get gas, buy food and pay their increasing taxes. Seeing government waste on this level is going to become abundantly clear going forward. Thank God for the Augusta Press and the many out there willing to fight for representation for our taxation. God Bless America!

  3. The article states that the Augusta Commission has
    (1.) hired “more unnecessary people”
    (2. given “huge raises to senior level employees” .

    The bid to repair the BOATHOUSE at the Augusta Marina is
    One Million Three Hundred Thousand ($1,300,000.00) Dollars.
    The BOATHOUSE was originally built as a restaurant (Palmers) in one of those government-private sector partnerships that failed . That failure left the city with a restaurant building for which it had no use and has no use .

    The Augusta Commissioners voted to spend Six Million ($6,000,000.00)
    Dollars “on a Henry Brigham Center”. The lowest bid was Eight Million Three Hundred Thousand ($8,300,000.00) Dollars . No action was taken and the project is now estimated to cost Ten Million ($10,000,000.00) Dollars .

  4. Spend the Covid money on something that will give us a long term benefit and return. Using it to cover our city’s failure to do past maintenance will only make us more broke the next time we find ourselves in this position. ( and it won’t be long ).

  5. There are examples everywhere that the Augusta Government hires incompetent employees based Solely on their race. Not only that the first thing they do is give them a huge wage increase, for a job that is already overpaid. What few people we have that do speak up are afraid to mention this. Why can’t we all just get along and appoint the best qualified person regardless of their race?

  6. When Garnett is elected I hope he cleans house in City Administration beginning with the incompetent Maurice McDowell. The commissioners should be held accountable for NOT being able to make decisions that then cost the city more money. The boathouse should not be repaired but just repurposed for what it is being used for now-storage and some offices for the Augusta Rowing Club.

  7. I don’t know where people get off saying the Augusta Commission does not know what they are doing. My house in Richmond Co. increased in value more than 20% in just one year according to our tax statement. Apparently the Augusta economy is ready to explode because of the brilliance of the leadership at all levels. Also, with the boathouse and the school falling into the canal and the river, I’m sure some fish or other river life will be able to use it for a habitat. What a great example of the 7 Ps!!!

  8. Sylvia this is a great article. It also confirms what I tried to express to you on my earlier response on your previous article . I also strongly agree with all the individuals that responded above my response to this article. Myself and many others only want what’s best for the city of Augusta and it’s taxpayers. That’s why sometimes a change in direction is needed. It pains me not to be able to support a long time friend in the Mayors race and I am supporting Garnett Johnson for Mayor . As I’ve stated in the past I supported John Clarke in his first run for District 10, and spent many hours politicking for him. But he also has turned out to be a weak leader and not so frugal with taxpayers money. The best choice for District 10 to get this city headed in the right financial direction for prosperity and lower taxation is electing Wayne Guilfoyle to District 10 !!!

    • Charlie, thank you for expressing your opinion so well in your comments. That’s how showing support for your candidate should be done. Everybody has a right to an opinion, which is a good thing because everybody certainly has one.

  9. On Monday June 6, 2022, at 6;00 pm at Diamond Lakes Mayoral candidate Kendricks (The Magic Man) will brief the community again on the great project and future ahead for the Regency Mall that has magically appeared from his campaign hat. It would be great if local heavy hitting news reporters would hammer him for facts. Who paid for that design? When? There are so many questions needing answers. This man must be defeated!

  10. Sylvia, you hit the nail on the head. I was having this same conversation with some concerned citizens just this week. People on both sides of the political aisle and from every part of the community want changes for the better. We are tired of incompetent people hiring other incompetent people to do an incompetent job. We want to be the Garden City; a beatiful place to raise our families, work, play, and live a good life. We are tired of public servants turning into politicians once they get into office. Thanks TAP for revealing the truth that needs to be told.

  11. For the U.S. Congress to send millions of our tax dollars to any city, including Augusta, is a travesty. The money will be (or already has been) borrowed and added to our out of control federal deficit. And the reason is because we had a virus two years ago? PRETTY STUPID if you ask me. Look at all the fraud that has already occurred with COVID monies appropriated by Congress. Those thefts are just the beginning.

  12. As for some of the comments about the Commissioners please remember that a single Commissioner – no matter how He/She wishes to control the spending of the Commission on issues SIX VOTES CAN DO ANYTHING. Please folks those of you who vote – and I hope those of you who are upset with your property tax increases and the general condition of the City will look carefully at the Candidates running for Office and do your research on each Candidate. If you are in the affected Districts where Candidates are in a runoff or the Mayor’s race, ask friends in those Districts and keep an eye on the Candidates for Mayor. The answers you will get on who is responsive to calls from Constituents and you will see who does a lot for voters in their Districts. A little backround info goes a long way to voting for good Commissioners.

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