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Sylvia Cooper: Davis term comes to a close; Sias appeals; Augusta Commission in limbo



(Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this column are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of The Augusta Press.) 

The News in Brief:

– There are 139 days left in King Hardie Davis mayoral reign. Thank goodness.

– Attorneys for convicted felon and former Augusta C...

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  1. Another gem for the article archive. I truly like all of your money-saving ideas, but the “grounding of Hardie until Dec. 31” is the one that I don’t think anyone is capable of succeeding. Reading another article, it was mentioned the the “new, and then vandalized” Splash Pad is due for another opening attempt. Since it lasted three days last time, I’m going to choose the “four day life” square this time. It’s hot — let’s hope I don’t win. And lastly, Saturday night marked the end of an Era, or “Error” as Ed Turner had it printed. Ed Turner and Number 9 is retiring. It was awesome to see Judge Jolly, rocking along with hubby, during the final cut and encore. Ed Turner and Number 9 will be missed in these parts. Take care….

    • We went to see Ed Turner and 9 last night, and it was great! Besides it being a sad event for them, it was also sad for my wife and I because it was only our first time ever seeing them, and now we regret not going earlier to enjoy the fantastic talent! We were impressed how much the crowd obviously loved these musicians. One of the last numbers, “Hey Jude” brought the audience to our feet and about tore the Imperial Theatre down!! Now THAT is a sure sign of a great concert and a great time!! Well done Ed and that y’all!

  2. The commissioners who want to raise taxes seem to feel that their constituents won’t be affected. They are failing to understand that all fees and taxes on property get passed along to renters. This is merely adding to the lack of “affordable housing” in the area.

    • It’s all common sense. When will the people elected to realize, it’s simple, 1 + 1 = 2. We need ethical business (hardworking honest) people running (and cleaning up) our city. That aside, Sylvia tells it like it is, if it’s green it’s green, if it’s red it’s red.

  3. Sias is a joke..almost as big of a joke as Hardie’s tenure…wake up Augusta, quit putting the Sias, Hardie, Frantom, Williams 🤡🤡🤡🤡 in office! Are t you tired of the mismanagement of your money? You’re scraping to make mends meet while Hardie and others are wining and dining on your tax bill! You are paying department heads big money while the commission hires an outside company at the tune of 7 million dollars to correct the absolute horrible job a department head is doing!! He should have been fired a long time ago! Hell, he can’t even tell you what the real budget is of a park under his direct supervision!!! You should be at every commission meeting saying enough is enough!!

  4. ALWAYS the inside story on our “highly trained” commissioners who cannot get “smart/critical” business done! Sylvia’s recommendation to fire a large group of non- contributing staffers hits the key business practices of commercial firms that identify not meeting budget: REDUCE STAFF!! That effort, must start with the non-contributors who add nothing of value to the business! Syvia listed them for all to see! AND… stopping travel of our “never here” mayor is key! Take his credit card! Time for some hard ball!! Don’t slow down Sylvia!!

  5. This budget will be a breeze compared to the next two or three as Odie-osis will come into play to figure out how to keep the “supplements” and not salary increased Odie gave to Employees to take everyone to $31,000 a year. When the Biden money runs out and all the programs instituted using those funds have to be funded to continue then the real fun will begin. The Commissioners leaving at the end of December should be glad to be out the door.

  6. January 1st can’t get here fast enough. Thanks Sylvia for keeping the spotlight on the self-serving politicians in Augusta’s Government. I truly believe things will be better after a few leeches on the ass of humanity are termed out and sent down the road kicking cans.

  7. 7 months is far too long to transition to a new mayor. If the election is decided in May then the new mayor should take office I’m September. Or move city elections to November and swear in the new mayor on January first. Imagine the damage a defeated mayor or council member could do in that 7 month period.

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