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Opinion: The Big Lie



By Parin Amin

Many state legislators want you to believe the reason Georgia flipped blue was widespread voter fraud. This flimsy claim has yet to be validated by any court, likely because actual evidence of this widespread fraud is nonexistent. This “big lie” is what led to the insurrection at t...

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  1. This is actually good. Parin frequently posts on Second Opinion in facebook where the mix is probably 90-95% conservative and 5-10% liberal. I’ll leave you to decide which side Parin falls under but a real big clue is the standard talking points he puts out. Nothing new but all emotionally based opinion with little substantive nor convincing arguments. I’ll give one example. He says that there is little evidence of massive voter fraud and uses the courts as evidence. But the reality is that most cases have been dismissed without the evidence ever being presented. That is a fact. He further cites that the Republican legislators want to disenfranchise minority voters by passing new voter laws. Maybe Republicans just want to minimize the possibility of voter fraud. But no. It is much more emotionally charged to attribute nefarious motives to those “evil” Republicans. So the pattern just continues. Parin, you are just plain wrong. But unlike you, I don’t think you are evil….just wrong.

  2. Yes this was opinion. Why is it not in Editorials but is presented as news? I hope this doesn’t continue “The Augusta Press”. I had to cancel the other newspaper because they were presenting liberal hack jobs as news.

    • Vincent this is in the opinion section not the news section of the site. It is not an editorial board article but rather a guest column. It is in the guest column/opinion section not news. Thanks for the comment.

      • Thanks for your explanation. I just looked at editorials and didn’t see it there but see it now. I wish the articles on the home page were labeled with date and department. This really had the appearance of news which would have been awful since it is full of partisan dribble. As a guest article in editorials, it is OK by me. And by the way, we still don’t have the results of the Fulton County signature audit to be completed this month and in the meantime the Director of elections there was fired. Hmm Might be room for some real journalism here. I am getting crickets from our elected leaders when I write. Also I would note that there have already been plenty of cases referred for prosecution but none with over a few hundred votes, but yes there was fraud. Thank-you

    • You say that the “other newspaper” was presenting liberal hack jobs as news. Well, I still subscribe to the “other newspaper,” and they still are. In fact it’s worse. As of a year ago or so their spineless editor even decided to officially stop publishing editorial opinions, I suppose out of fear that “Mr. G, Inc.,” the Owner, might accidentally read a copy and be offended. Please pardon my tone, but to once more have a quality hometown daily newspaper with ethical editorial values should not be too much to ask.

  3. DOH! It says, “Home, Opinion, Guest column” in the masthead. IMHO, that’s why reading digital copy sucks. It’s too easy to miss that when reading on your phone or other device. I did too, until I read “…SB68 would ban them because convenience, security and your health are not priorities for the Georgia GOP…” Then I glanced up and saw it. Ah, I thought, got it. You know what they say about opinions. They’re like noses, everybody has one. Personally, I’m glad to see a variety of opinions here. I’ll never agree with this one, but then, not every dish I try is tasty. Just my 2 cents.

  4. As with most of Parins’ comment’s, this too is bull-hockey. As he and others know from my posting’s on Second Opinion, I worked/managed a voting precinct for 15-years; I can tell many stories of attempted voter fraud, and just plain ignorant voters. Voting is the most important thing we can do as citizens (that’s legal citizens), yet seems to be the most argued about who/how/when the vote is allowed. Liberals tout that no I.D. should be required and that some don’t have one. Gee, you must show an I.D. for many things in life; how do you make it past 16 without one? They say it dis-enfranchises the poor. Again, you must show an I.D. even to get on government subsidies. If you don’t have an I.D., you can get one for FREE down at the courthouse and if you can’t get there, there is transportation available. Voting should be the most accurate, safe, and responsible thing we do. Accurate and not questionable, as the last election was. Just because the candidate I voted for wasn’t elected, doesn’t mean I still don’t question the discrepancies that I saw and read about. There is no excuse for ballots being counted without an I.D., or after midnight on election day, or a ballot dump with all for one candidate, or many other such that only happened this election. A controlled, legal election is what democratic Republic country’s do, not a manipulated one as we experienced. I could go on, but you get my thoughts on this. I cannot believe 84 million voted for the person that claims to be POTUS. As far as the Georgia election, it was manipulated as well; the bills presented are to make sure that legal registered citizens vote and are counted properly, no matter who wins.

    Sorry Parin, you know where I stand, firmly. You are not going to change my mind and I don’t believe I or anyone else will ever change yours. Socialism has never worked and never will; history has, and still is proving that. We are now on that path.

  5. I served on a Grand Jury at one time. all of our evidence was based on affidavits. I understand there is much sworn statements of wrong doing. In order to ascertain fraud it must be investigated. I have seen no evidence of investigation only recounting unverified votes. Id is not an unreasonable requirement for voting. I had to present an id to go to the doctors, to get the vaccine, to cash a check, to rent a room, many things. I find it quite reasonable to verify voter has only voted for his choice only 1 time and that he is alive. It is not to disenfranchise new voters but to ascertain they are legitimate voters. Fraud is discovered by auditing not just assuming figures are legitimate.

  6. Voting is such an important act. Our very future depends on it. Consequently, our voting systems and procedures should be tightly controlled so that all Americans have confidence in the results. Voting should occur in person, on election day, with properly presented ID. Absentee ballots should be held to a minimum but made available to those who are incapacitated or absent from the community where they vote, such as the military. If it’s too much trouble to go to the polls, you are probably poorly informed or just don’t care enough to get off your couch. Convenience should not be a consideration. The whole liberal shtick is unveiled in their pursuit of no ID voting. To get a James Brown Thanksgiving turkey, you have to present a photo ID and a utility bill with your address on it. ‘nough said.

  7. The reason that there is “no evidence of widespread voting irregularities” in GA, and other states, is pretty clear to me. voting rights groups and activists (which for all intents and purposes means the Democratic Party) have for years engaged in a campaign to engineer the voting rules to make it practically impossible to find evidence of voting irregularities or fraud. This not only makes it easier to get away with fraud, but, perhaps even worse, destroys public confidence in the voting system. Not only is it harder now to prove fraud, but you can’t prove it didn’t happen, either. It is important for the GOP controlled state legislature to restore not only voting integrity, but also means of detecting and documenting irregularities. And Republicans must do this without succumbing to the temptation of being themselves partisan. That’s a tough assignment

  8. It seems proper for this to be labeled “The Big Lie” for that is what it seems to be. In the first paragraph it is stated that the wide spread fraud has yet to be validated by any court, this is partially true, it has not been heard by any court (most likely for political reasons), it has not been proven invalid either. There is no mention of the improper agreement that Raffensperger entered with Abrams’ group which should have been taken to the legislature. A photo copier is not necessary, any ‘obama-phone’ and a printer would be sufficient. Having been involved in working the polls for 20 years, a majority of the problems/questions about lack of voter registration that I saw were results of the “Motor Voter Registration” failure. There was no mention of the senate committee that heard testimonies and received affidavits about the many problems witnessed in the election.

  9. Even though I disagree with practically everything that Parin has said in this opinion piece, as an independent black conservative, I like hearing from the other side. As for his points, they are standard for the left. His first notion that there is no evidence is laughable. I saw the jump while watching the election when votes for one candidate were taken away and the opposing candidate received them. I thought I was seeing things until I checked the rebroadcast on YT. The security video showing them pulling ballots from underneath tables and various videos showing ballots being delivered in the middle of the night are causes for questions. At least investigate it! There is a mini documentary called “Absolute Proof” (you can find it on Rumble) that is mindblowing. Time Magazine outlined exactly how they influenced the election results. Joe Biden even said that they had put together the largest voter fraud organization in the history of our country. This is just a small portion of the irregularities that needs to be examined. The evidence is there if you look for it. As for the rest, voter suppression is really a myth. Dems want to take use back in time to Jim Crow days. Even those who live in rural areas have access to getting ID because it is needed in just about every business situation. Absentee ballots should only be used for important reasons and not because one doesn’t feel like going to the polls. Too many people died for women and minorities to have the right to vote for this to be taken lightly. Finally, those who think that Parin’s opinions should not be shared on this forum, you are thinking like a right wing version of the left. Our conservative positions and ideas are strong enough to confront opposing views.

  10. Well everyone else has covered my view points very well so I will add, continue to ask your state representatives to change back our laws to make Georgia elections honest, fair, and trustworthy, so that we can all agree the results are what the majority of legal voters want, and if you don’t like it get the heck out of Georgia!

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