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Troubled Waters At Augusta Aquatics Center



The Aiken-Augusta Swim League addressed members of the Augusta public services committee Tuesday, outlining issues between the league and the department of recreation.

Chiefly, the group discovered that it has no valid contract with the city, giving the recreation department free reign to negot...

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  1. Typical ARC. Everyone needs to remember that the Aquatic Center was built for the 1996 Olympics. It was not built by the County. Sounds to me like ARC needs to get off of their A$$, and get to work. ARC needs to be reminded that the Aquatic Center was a GIFT to ARC. The Commissioner for the Aquatic Center area, should be ashamed that this is being made public. Time for he/she to get to work as well. The Parks and Recreation department needs to stop looking a gift horse in the mouth. Good reporting, BTW !!

  2. Accountability resides within the top leadership. Until there is a major overhaul in county elected and appointed figures nothing will change for the better. Incompetence in Richmond County is pervasive and malignant. It’s easy to see for anyone who cares about the future of the heart of our metro area.

  3. That building has been a disaster since day 1. Besides a hideous design, the ventilation has always been a nightmare in the swim auditorium. You can barely breathe in there because of the humidity and chlorine smell. They are lucky the AASL uses it. Instead of a water park, they could take that money along with the other Covid-windfall and build something decent. Columbia County is on the brink. To not keep lights changed and dropping timing equipment in the water is sheer negligence. I wonder how often the Health Department inspects the water quality?

  4. Richmond County government is the worst…an absolute, inept embarrassment. Anything they touch turns to crap. The mindset of our city/county governing body..not all of them…is mind bogglingly retarded (and that is in no way a slight to people who are mentally “slow”). This city is quickly becoming broken, crime-infested, filthy, and uninhabitable…much like Atlanta, Detroit, and Chicago. I used to love Atlanta. Now I’m embarrassed. I used to hate it when people would jokingly call it “Disgusta”…..now I see why they do. The quality of life in this city has plummeted since “Hardly” Davis took over.

    • Exactly I have often said that Augusta is not the garden city, it’s the garbage city. I am embarrassed to have friends and family visit. They marvel at the horrible drivers and road side trash. I own property here and it would be a major issue to relocate. Otherwise I would.

  5. Is there anything the government of Augusta-Richmond County (ARC) touches that does not turn into crap? Why do we have a Legal Dept. and attorneys who cannot keep up with contract status? Does ARC ever generate a capital project execution plan that identifies long-term maintenance requirements and their costs? Seems like everything the elected officials and department heads of ARC know about running a city and a county was learned from watching The Dukes of Hazzard.

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