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Column: Ukraine, foreign aid and . . . Me



(Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this column of those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of The Augusta Press.) 

A few days ago, a friend alerted me that the U.S. Senate had passed a “Ukraine Lend-Lease” bill – and unanimously, at that. The House was expected to follow...

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  1. Hubert has an informative piece this morning. My thoughts, exactly, the Russian military is not executing Putin’s plan, so God help both the Ukranian and Russia civilian populations in case Vladimir has to go to Plan-B.
    Yet, saw this news online last week, , as a U.S. reporter, searching for a story to earn his salary, from the Ukraine, reported he, “came across a scenario of civilians, 2 dead and 10 wounded”.
    This is what astounds me about the news-media and the liberal political leadership in America, is, doesn’t this happen most days in Chicago, Minneapolis, Los Angeles or New York City? And this goes unreported or not even mentioned by the Democrat Mayors or Police Chiefs in these cities? ? DO LIBERALS GIVE A DAMN? And they actually care about white, black or hispanic citizens??? HYPOCRISY! LAWLESSNESS RULES! U.S. civilians are at risk, almost, as those in Ukraine, at least not by mortar or artillery shelling ! The death toll rises in each place!
    Then from the recent coverage by the theaugustapress.com, the arrests of armed drug-peddlers in Richmond County, yet it seems to be proliferating, despite law enforcement action! Are we under-gunned and out-manned? Ala, the major cities already mentioned.
    Again, God help us!

  2. As always money trump’s politics in the bottom line reason for war.

    Simply put Ukraine is the bread basket of Europe and more importantly has so many minerals Russia and the world covet.

    Putin wants it…we among others don’t want him to have it…and there you have it.

    As for Lend Lease prior to Pearl Harbor once again money & economics ruled as our Depression hampered industries became militarized and needed jobs were added.

    And so much for ethics as antisemites (Ford, Edison & company) shelved their hatred of Jews for dollars flowing into their bank accounts.

  3. Our government prints more fiat money, the large financial institutions collects the interest and are bailed out by the taxpayer when the loans default, while the taxpayer pays the cost through inflation. Meanwhile are own government cares nothing about our borders and citizens.

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