Editorial Board: Code enforcement can change its name but not its mission 

Code enforcement can call itself whatever they want to as long as at the end of the day their function is to enforce code compliance. Why stop with renaming Code Enforcement? Why not rename Law Enforcement to “Rule Administration” or even better rename Storm Water fee to “Rain Tax." Or just leave the names alone.

Editorial Board: Hereditary politics do not belong in Augusta

At his campaign launch on Oct. 31, Karlton Howard was quick to remind the crowd gathered that the House 129 seat has been in his family for 20 years, then quickly backtracked and said he planned to run on his own merits.

Editorial Board: Endorsements for Nov. 8 election

Election endorsements from The Augusta Press Editorial Board.

Editorial: Let it go already

For years, Gold Cross EMS has basically endured an inquisition by the Augusta Commission once led by a now convicted felon and carried on by a lame duck commissioner who will soon be out of office.

Editorial Board: DA’s misguided efforts are costing lives

Augusta District Attorney Jared Williams' failures as a prosecutor are beginning to stack up like the rap sheets of the criminals he refuses to put behind bars and the results of his ineptitude are having a disastrous effect on our community. 

B.J. Wood Cartoon October 24, 2022

Written by B.J. Wood October 24, 2022

Editorial: Columbia County says Stay and be Social, but Tap is a drag

Columbia County made the right decision on Stay. Social Tap & Table's alcohol license.

Editorial Board: Richmond County Sheriff remains absent amid spree of violence

Other than making a joint announcement with the FBI, the sheriff has been almost as absent from the public as the now disgraced Augusta mayor.

Editorial: Why the watchdog role of the press matters

The press has a purpose: to protect the public's right to know.

Editorial Board: Sheriff’s office to blame in Natalie Paine investigation

A Special Master appointed by the Georgia Supreme Court has already ruled that Paine had no role in the taping of a suspect in the custody of the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office and his attorney, which is a serious violation of the suspect’s civil rights.

Four Richmond County deputies arrested for smuggling; jail sweep turns up phones, weapons and drugs

Four Richmond County deputies have been arrested in a massive investigation at the Charles B. Webster Detention Center showed they were smuggling in contraband...

The Augusta Press sues for access to information from the Augusta-Richmond County Sheriff’s Office

The Augusta Press has filed a lawsuit against Richmond County Sheriff Richard Roundtree for access to information.

Critical Race Theory And Sex Ed Addressed at Columbia County School Board Meeting

Critical race theory and sexual material in school were addressed during the public participation portion of Tuesday's school board meeting, and COVID rates continue to decline says superintendent.

Savannah River Academy students interview astronaut aboard the International Space Station

Nearly a year of preparation, planning and learning came to fruition for students at Savannah River Academy on Friday when they interviewed an astronaut on the International Space Station via amateur radio.

Seven Augusta Murders Go Unsolved as Killings Keep Climbing

As Jalen Parks’s family prepared to bury him on May 16, they looked up from the graveyard and saw that an airplane had created...

Seasoning sauce is a passion for local entrepreneur

Don Wesby's seasoning is carried in grocery stores throughout the Southeast.
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