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Vax Up Augusta! Program Lacks Accountability



The Vax Up Augusta! Program, which gives $200 in incentives to people who get both shots of the COVID-19 vaccine, is suffering from accountability issues. Meanwhile, the City Administrator's office refuses to answer basic questions on the program.

The program, in effect since late September, has...

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  1. You know some of those gift cards landed in someone else’s hands..Augusta has no accountability for any money..what has happened to all those SPLOST funds collected over the years for storm drainage issues? I know the Laney Walker/ Walton Way area has been flooding for over 50 years and was earmarked for SPLOST funds..it’s still flooding and yet tax payers were saddled with a storm tax..btw has the King found those other missing receipts yet? Does he have to report those charges for personal goods as supplemental income to the IRS? Augusta government wouldn’t know the meaning of transparency if it hit them in the face…it’s time for citizens to demand a Audit under the threat of recalls…

    • Maintaining such a list would be deemed a HIPPA violation by the legal geniuses of the ARC Legal Department and their highly paid consultants. But you can be fired or denied health care benefits if you cannot prove you are vaccinated.

  2. None of this passes the smell test. Augusta seems to have an accountability problem on all fronts. I hope commissioner’s Mason and Garrett pursue answers to the questions raised in this article. 330,000. (Prepurchase cards) and $191,884.295 (administrative costs?) for a program with no records as to who received the money and has a success rate less than 6%? Once again taxpayer’s
    (as Garrett states, Cares money is taxpayer money) are being abused. This is a sad state of affairs for the taxpayers of Augusta. Further evidence that the impending Odie budget needs to be reduced and fully scrutinized by taxpayers.

  3. My vision of this program is that the mayor’s admin assistant takes his government-issued credit card to several different convenience stores and buys 3,300 pre-paid cards. He gets all the reward points for those purchases. Then the mayor’s minions recruit and pay up to 3,300 people $10.00 cash to get vaccinated. The pre-paid cards are then sent to the mayor’s house. He gives some to Odie and only the commissioners who voted for the program. (Sorry, no go Brandon.) Hey, in the absence of any factual, documented accountability, we citizens are free to think the worst.

    One would think sending Sammie Sias to prison for theft of public funds, not having records to account for them, and destroying evidence that showed he misspent them, would get the attention of our government officials. Arrogance is the leading cause of fiducial blindness among government officials.

  4. Raise your hand if you are surprised…hey, not everyone at once!! A government slush fund with no accountability. Mason and Garrett are right and Hardie Davis is the last person in our city government to lecture anyone on spending money.
    If you cannot account for expenditures, it’s theft by someone. And people wonder why the public came out and voted the Arena down??

  5. What’s old is new. Gift cards + politicians =

    https://en.m.wikipedia.org › wiki
    Sheila Dixon trial – Wikipedia
    A verdict was reached on December 1, 2009. Dixon was convicted on one count of misappropriation of gift cards. …

    This Corrupt Mayor Stole Gift Cards Intended for Children
    sheila dixon gift cards from medium.com
    Feb 6, 2021 — This is the story of Sheila Dixon’s time as Baltimore’s mayor, her corruption scandal for stealing gift cards from needy families and …

    The Sheila Dixon story: It wasn’t just about the gift cards
    May 18, 2020 — Dixon accepted a $2,000 gift certificate at a furrier from developer Ron Lipscomb, owner of Doracon Contracting, which …
    2021 Congressional Pig Book
    government pig trough around which from http://www.cagw.org
    The Congressional Pig Book is CAGW’s annual compilation of the…

  6. This reeks. No accountability for rec center financials; no accountability for the Mayor’s credit cards; no accountability for these vaccine gift cards. I am trying to think of the word that describes this…

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