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Vote incumbent for Columbia County School Board races



As many of the education decisions that can be made on a local level should be. That principal has guided Columbia County to be one of the best systems in the state and made the area one of the most sought-after locations in the country.

The candidates running for school board on the platform th...

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  1. I will say, I’ve never seen a newspaper support candidates or get behind issues. I’ve always felt that to be opinion of individuals.
    Yes, all these statements are great in theory. If the board stopped the reading of excerpts from a book with sexual content in a public forum, then it begs the question, why is it in the school?
    Transparency and communication are key factors. Always will be. People are human and do make mistakes. We are supposed to learn from them. There have been missteps by CCBOE but as the article states everyone clams up. Nothing has been transparent for years. I have tried to contact my representative in the past and I get a board spokesperson. If you represent me, you talk to me. Property supposedly sold inappropriately, media content, CRT, failure to comply with the open records requests or taking too long with requests, all have made many parents wanting to clean house. Understandable. It’s ok to bring fresh eyes with different perspective, better communication and transparency by changing leadership. I hope people don’t think they aren’t replaceable and things will fall apart without them. There are those who blindly follow and there are those voices that would like the ability to be heard AND acknowledged. The people speak and speak by voting. We’ll find out today.

    • Hi, Kathleen. I studied journalism history in my undergrad years and was an editor in different newspapers for several years. Newspaper editorials that take an opinion stance have been in play since the beginning of newspapers. Typically, a specific collection of people at the newspaper write them, and they are kept separate from the news side.

  2. Disagree. The current school board is not transparent or forthcoming. Very defensive. Where there is smole there is fire. Ashley Wright has promised transparency to to be the voice of parents, teachers, and bus drivers, not the Federal Government. We need the Feds out of our schools. If you have to hide their influence, there is something wrong. Vote Ashley Wright!

  3. You have your right to your opinion however, this is NOT the only thing going on in our school system… and there is absolutely no transparency OR accountability/responsibility but yet OUR children are to be accountable and responsible for their mistakes?? Isn’t that a double standard? Children are still learning… shouldn’t adults lead by example? But even adults will push boundaries, regardless of what’s in place. My children will no longer be used essentially as collateral damage for the sake of “keeping someone in”. Too much damage has already been done… yes I’m on the ballot and regardless of the outcome, this mama isn’t done fighting.

    • Every single request I have made to the school board has been answered and documents provided in a timely manner. I would argue that CCBOE is the most transparent I have seen in the CSRA based on my experience. Candidates need to cite specifics when trying to unseat an incumbent yet no evidence was provided that transparency was lacking.

          • I think it was this paper that originally quoted her,but could have been the other local paper. It was a couple days before the rodeo…. Maybe a story about a candidate forum if I remember right. Might have gotten a mention by Austin Rhodes on air. Almost certain he made a FB post about it scolding Teasley for at least tone deafness.

      • Oh Joe, did you think I forgot about the interview I did with Skyler last year about a certain topic that ended up NOT being ran in your paper bc it pertained to a decision the board made?? Yeah—transparency, accountability and responsibility. MANY have written about it a year prior (posted on the internet)—so there’s that too! I literally got the response of “not responsible for that” from a board member—but yet an Asst. Principal confirmed it affected MANY.

      • Amanda, if that question was asked to me: the answer is yes—teachers, directors, got ghosted from my board member for a couple weeks, until Election Day, you know to say good luck to me and btw, now we need to get together and discuss my issues—thank goodness my child didn’t become another statistic in the meantime—-even contacted the GA DOE—bc NO ONE wants to admit that mistakes were made, details overlooked.

  4. The left-wingers at the Augusta Press support the current incumbents even with the option of a more leftwing candidate in district 3 … Let that guide your vote.

    The editorial is patently dishonest about CRT in schools and is relying on keeping their eyes tightly shut. Like the school board, their preferred tactic is to deny and dissemble. Austin Rhodes even had to acknowledge some concern when Candidate John Duggan offered him an email to read that the Augusta Press insists doesn’t exist.

    Shame on everyone involved. Higher hopes for a non-gannett paper haven’t planned out

    • LOL. you are the first person in my life to ever call me a left-winger…In all of the interviews we conducted I don’t think I would consider anybody running in Columbia County as “left-winger”. Zero evidence has been presented that CRT is being taught in schools. It’s a non issue that has been used to seemingly create a platform. Interestingly enough none of the candidates could state any vote any incumbent voted for that they would have voted differently.

  5. “Members should come out and make a public statement denouncing the teaching of critical race theory and reiterate that they have not and do not plan to promote it or encourage their teachers to promote the principles”

    Seems like a no-brainer. Why stand behind a bunch that refuses to do something so basic?

  6. Wow Joe! Good thing I recorded the interview! I’ll be sharing it tomorrow! These are all lies! This entire article is garbage to your left-wing media narrative to deceive the public! Shame on you! You never once asked me to produce proof. In fact, when I brought some things up, the response I received was that you already had some of these documents. And when you asked if I’d share the 12:00 recording of all the CRT on the school district website, I replied yes! Shame on you! Journalism is sharing the truth and letting the people decide. You don’t get the decide for them and not share the truth! So glad I recorded it to protect myself!

  7. “Interestingly enough none of the candidates could state any vote any incumbent voted for that they would have voted differently.“

    Joe, where did you extrapolate that information from? My recollection of the 20 min conversation did not address that question at all—transparency, the SA teacher, public participation, budgets—oh that’s right, you were busy mocking nutrition and mental health and having choices!! Yes, Joe—you have a choice—pick your food, pick your disease! In the meantime, another child threatened
    to harm himself—and what—the 5 that did in 2-3 years is just OK?? Clearly you have it all figured out!! I mean, we’ve only had 5 teachers accused of inappropriate behavior to students, which means we’ve only had 5 students traumatized by the incidents—no big deal right? I’m just a massage therapist who had teachers talk about questionable stuff they overheard from other staff—or about a teacher giving how to instructions that is completely inappropriate… yeah, there’s nothing to see… just a Highschool that is known as “The Pharmacy”…
    2 students who had their case reversed by the state board and current and past employees telling their experience in our school district one specifically mentioned “covers up through good marketing” 🤦🏻‍♀️

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