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Vote on Gold Cross EMS fails, and ambulance service resigns



After a contentious almost two-hour meeting on Tuesday Jan. 24, the Augusta Commission deadlocked on approving a contract with Gold Cross EMS to continue service in the consolidated city.

As a result, Gold Cross has submitted its resignation to the Georgia Board of Health, according to Augusta M...

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  1. As has happened many times before, if a “position” does not like the way things are going and there may be a tie, one of them will abstain, and not allow the Mayor to break the tie. And once again, this is how it played out today. The Mayor needs, and DESERVES a true vote on all motions. A serious flaw in the original Consolidation Agreement. Fix it.

  2. Maybe having the marshals drag Williams out of the meeting and throw him out on the street would bring him back to reality. Presumably, ARC signed the original Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Gold Cross after the ARC Legal Department reviewed and approved the MOU. ARC had years to negotiate a new MOU or contract that would impose reasonable financial and performance accountability and reporting on Gold Cross. But Williams, Sias, and others were hell bent on having their own ambulance service and refused to seriously engage and negotiate with Gold Cross until we arrived at this current impasse. He has yet to clearly articulate his objections to Gold Cross, other than he doesn’t want them to provide ambulance service in ARC. It will be poetic justice if Williams requires an ambulance transport to an ER and none is available due to his obstructionism.

  3. I set in Federal Court 4 days demanding receipts from former commissioner Sias, it’s time to minimize waste, Fraud, Abuse, and Corruption in Augusta Richmond County. Are the Gold Cross lobbyist registered with the state of Georgia, or the Clerk of Augusta Richmond County Commission? During the commission meeting debate was there Texting back and forth between the lobbyists, Gold Cross, and Commissioners. The citizens of Augusta Richmond County have a legal right to see all communication between Commissioners, Mayor, Gold Cross and their lobbyists.

    • Probably need to fix the “internal waste, fraud, abuse, and corruption” within the ARC government, before you start worrying about the outside problems. That is why there has been a deaf ear to anything that might remotely resemble a forensic audit of the ARC Departments. To start, I do not see how the Finance Department can even pass an internal audit, without a receipt matching Payables Policy. This policy in place would’ve negated the lawsuits filed by TAP, and saved the taxpayers a couple of bucks.

  4. Evidently the architects of the Augusta/Richmond County consolidated government charter never considered the quality and intelligence of future commissioners would decline to the level several current Commissioners display daily. Augusta deserves better.

  5. If I need an ambulance, should I tell the dispatcher, up front, that I do have insurance? Is this move by Mr. Williams going to hamper EFFICIENT service before Gold Cross leaves town? Lord help us if our A/RC fire rescue group takes over for Gold Cross. I’m betting it will cost a lot more than a $2m subsidy. Mr. Williams surely has a personal grudge with GC and It’s sickening.

  6. This is a rather novel idea, could the people the city pay salaries to in the Parks Department actually do their job? That would free up a substantial amount of money that is budgeted to pay an outside contractor.
    I can’t be the only person to believe ambulance services are a priority. The commissioner claiming to be looking after the taxpayers should be looking at all of the places the city is wasting our money. Ambulance service is not one of them.

  7. This doesn’t just affect residents..if you travel through ARC and have a wreck or are in a store and have some kind of medical emergency or unforeseen mishap this will affect you as well…this is bad for anyone in the CSRA…

  8. the clowns continue the show. citizens shouldn’t worry about services, are you kidding me? the only department I can’t complain about is Marshalls Office. Ramone seems to be running a tight ship.

    • The Mayor NEEDS a REAL vote. ARC would have an Emergency Services contract, NOT a two-year old MOU that EXPIRED on 12/31/22, if Mayor Johnson had had a vote. For no other reason than to combat this ABSTAIN crap, by a certain portion of the Commission. As I was informed yesterday, shortly you will have ONE RCFD ambulance because the other one is busted. NOW do you see why the Mayor needs a real vote ?

  9. I don’t blame Gold Cross at all for throwing in the towel. They don’t deserve to be treated that way. Pathetic. The lawyers will be lining up to sue ARC the first time a victim lies on the road for hours, dies, and is picked up by the Coroner.

  10. New commission—same old S**T! There’s no hope for Augusta. And B. Williams is the worst of the lot. Why would ANY business want to do business with A/RC. You might never v=be able to get the stink off of your morals.

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