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Opinion: Voting Reform Measures Will Turn Back Time



Is anyone else wondering why a Republican-dominated Georgia legislature is turning back time by reforming voting reforms achieved by a previous Republican-dominated Georgia legislature?

As editor of The Augusta Press, I spend my days studying what’s happening in the state that affects our reader...

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  1. You say your adobted state, like your opinion should spur true life long Georgians to move to your view, but the trouble we are in now with two Democrat Senators, is just the reason to change our laws while we can to STOP this madness. There were hundreds of votes droped off at boxes by people who filled out ballots for relatives and others in nursing homes, and graves, and just because they voted the way you did does not make it right or honest or fair. A man with advanced dimentia is President of the United States because too many states have opened their voting to liberal cheats. It has to stop and reverse or America will go down hill forever more.

  2. You suggest that requiring ID to get an absentee ballot would suppress voting and therefore should not be required. By logical extension, it would then follow that no ID should be required for in person voting. Sorry; but as the old robot character from Lost in Space often advised us, “That does not compute”. Insuring that every voter is reasonably able to cast a vote is equally as important as insuring that every vote cast, is done so legitimately. Until every American can once again have confidence in their electoral process, we risk the loss of our republic. These reforms are not only reasonable, they are imperative if we are to continue as a free nation.

    • Actually, I said I understand the need for ID. Even witnesses to your signature. My concern is that the proposed law excludes people who are ill —significantly ill— from qualifying for absentee voting.

      • Debbie, I have been reading and listening to the information available about the change you referenced in voting and I have a question ( technically 2). I am sure that my question should have an obvious answer, but for some reason I am missing information or understanding. With the changes being considered about mail-in ballots and absentee ballots, what are the differences between what we are doing currently, and what might be the differences if the change is approved?

        • Under the 2008 law regarding mail-in votes, Georgia put no restrictions on who could request them. The is the practice in most states. I believe 34 others also have no restrictions on who can request an absentee or mail-in ballot. The proposed bill would limit who can qualify for a mail-in ballot to anyone more than 65 years old, anyone observing a religious holiday, anyone who works the polls, anyone who has a physical disability or anyone who is away on election day.

          • Thank you for your response. Since the only difference between mail-in ballots and absentee ballots is mail-in has no restrictions, then mail-in ballots are a serious issue. If the reasons for the need of mail-in ballots in light of all ‘unscrupulous voting’ in Nov. and Jan. were buckets, they definitely not hold water.

  3. I do not feel that our State is trying to limit voting just make sure that only the right people get to vote only registered voters and residents of Georgia.Hopefully this will let our Atlanta counties count their voted in a timely matter,and not fine some at 3am that change the outcome.

  4. If Trump had won Georgia in a landslide (like by a lot more than 12K) and Leoffler and Perdue had sailed easily to victory, would the Georgia legislature be making the roll back of existing election laws a priority?

  5. P Mason—your comment is ridiculous ! Mr Neches has an excellent question. Our Republican Sec of State has not found /revealed any of the illegal votes mentioned above. If the laws need to be “strengthened “, give us the details as to what has been proven to have occurred in the past election cycle. As of now, Republican legislators are doing exactly what Democrats are accusing them of!

    • Funny, since there is no way to verify ballots once cast huh? Why do you all oppose requiring the State to make sure a ballot is cast by the eligible voter? And it’s pretty simple to see that when you do NOT require signature and ID verification that anyone could have filled out a mail in ballot and not just the actual voter who is registered. When you vote you are exercising political authority, non-citizens and ineligible folks should not be voting. Voting it is NOT something to be taken lightly nor should it be easy for people to cheat. So nice try with your uninformed idea that somehow there was no cheating because the Sec of State says so. He’s the moron that agreed to Abrams consent order allowing mail in ballots to have no signature verification needed, that is LITERALLY a licence to steal votes and stuff ballot boxes.

      • Brad, as I said in the column, I have no problem with the ID requirement and can accept the requirement of a witness to the signature. What I’m objecting to is the limitations on who can qualify for a ballot. Significant illness is not one of the categories specified in the bill as eligible for a mail-in ballot. Having had to use a mail-in ballot in this past presidential election because of debilitating cancer treatments, I believe it incumbent to bring this oversight to the attention of the public. I really don’t think Georgians believe in disenfranchising those who are significantly ill and physically cannot make it to the polls.

  6. Well Debbie, the problem is that not everyone is as honest as you are, in fact, there are people that would cheat using the obvious wide gaps that allowing folks to vote by mail would open. So no, we’re not moving backwards by making sure that unscrupulous and unethical folks cannot abuse the system and compromise the integrity of the ballot box.

    Every single reform added this year will make it harder for non-eligible people to vote and for those who would manipulate the mail in ballots for unethical gain.

    I suggest we stick the US Constitution on what is allowed by absentee balloting, there is a very valid reason they put such restrictions on them, because it’s the easiest way to cheat and stuff ballot boxes.

    One of the reason folks ran to this news site, is because we’re tired of seeing folks tell us how backwards we are because we don’t want to allow folks to cheat in elections and because we’re not leftist that support moving away from the actual citizens deciding elections with our ballots (how regressive off me). We must re-secure the ballot box and remove all of these moronic exceptions put in place making it easier and easier to steal elections and harvest ballots.

    Liberal and leftist views being touted while calling what I believe in regressive will cause me to cancel my subscription quicker than a blue haired freak gets offended by Mr. Potatohead’s gender.

  7. I do not mind extending mail in voting as long as there is sufficient oversight. The notion that an ID is onerous is not valid. I would suggest there are routine auditing of mail in ballots. I routinely audit my charge and checking accounts. Election rules must be enforced. I receive about 1 to 5 emails or phone calls a day with an attempt to scam. In a world of cheating the election integrity must be protected.

  8. I totally disagree with your opening statement that voter reform in ” turning back time” and with your closing statement that Georgia would be whittling away at voter rights”. In fact, I believe that these laws are absolutely necessary to preserve every legal voter’s rights and to minimize voter fraud. Anytime there is a law that attempts to strengthen voter integrity and prevent voter fraud, we hear the same old arguments that the proposals suppress the votes and are an attempt to keep certain people from voting . This argument is used as a way of promoting fear and anger among uninformed people. I am glad that our legislature is addressing the voting issues that if not corrected will only multiply so that the winner of any election will be the one that has the best voter fraud scheme.

  9. Let’s understand the difference between mail-in voting and absentee voting. The latter should be for illness, disability, out of state such as military, and over 65. These should be requested ballots. Mail-in voting is a recipe for fraud in that in many cases, Georgia being one, requests for ballots were mailed to the voters without them asking. Case in point. My daughter lives in TN and has not lived in GA in over four years; yet, she got a request for a mail-in ballot from Stacy Abrams outfit.

    Early voting in person is good but should be limited up to only two weeks before the election because of late information on the candidates. Some early voting was done even before the last presidential debate. There should be no voting on Sunday which would keep churches from having what amounts to a political rally and then putting folks in vans and transporting them to the polls. All ballots and voting would be counted only if they arrived NLT the time polls closed. After that, any that arrive should not be counted. Those from the parties who monitor the counting should be able to stand over the shoulders of those counting ballots. Election results should be in by midnight if possible and NLT 7 am the next day. FL with more people than NY had 99% of it’s ballots counted by midnight.

  10. I think mail-in voting is ripe for fraud. There is no reasonable explanation why suddenly there was a HUGE increase in mail-in voting in Georgia during recent elections. The democrats have learned how to play the game and the republicans are too simple minded to understand how the game is played.
    TAP needs to publish some scenarios about various ways the “game” is played today. Wayyy back in my day (1940s 50s) as a “Georgia Democrat,” a half pint of liquor along with a list of who to vote for went a long way to getting the right people elected….today we have “mail-in” voting that does the trick.

  11. I definitely agree with Mr. Herman. My cynicism about the “game” of politics goes back 50 years. As a college student in Illinois in 1970 I volunteered as a pollwatcher in a northside Chicago precinct. This was the era of Democrat Mayor Richard J. Daley. Suffice it to say that this was a day which forever altered my naive notions of (Democratic) Party politics. I am now learning that there is a way to steal an election if one adheres to one important principle, which I call the Clinton Rule (although it predates the Clintons), and then follow two steps (mastered by S. Abrams). The Clinton Rule states that if you can’t prove it, then it didn’t happen. The two steps are: 1. make all possible changes to the voting protocol that could enable fraud, and 2. remove or institute rules so that it would be impossible to audit the integrity of the voting, and of the vote count. There could then be no evidence found that fraud had occurred. This two-step process would both facilitate the steal, and also provide deniability. Any objections to this advance engineering of the voting procedures could be countered by emotionally distracting accusations (ie, racist voter suppression). Any claims of fraud would be “baseless,” “without evidence,” and, therefore, under the Clinton principle, “false.” Please understand that I’m not suggesting that any particular election was stolen in 2020 or 2021, either in Georgia or anywhere else. Any such claim by me would be baseless, without evidence, and false.

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