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Editorial: We Mirror Our Community



As we at The Augusta Press celebrate two months of daily publishing, we would like to take a moment to reflect on what type of newspaper we are and what we aspire to be. To put it in a nutshell, we are and strive to be a mirror on our community.

In the process of building The Augusta Press, we l...

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  1. It’s pretty simple. We the people just want to have current events presented to us in a fair and impartial way, allowing us to consider what we’ve read or heard, and then come up with our own conclusions and narratives. Most people don’t want to be mindlessly fed biased information, but so many people willfully tune in to the CNNs of media and believe everything they are told. That’s why so many people are diametrically opposed in their opinions. People have a very difficult time, nowadays, discerning the truth from opinion.
    The days of “Walter Cronkite” journalism are gone. Cronkite was a hard Democrat, but you’d never know it by the way he presented the news.

  2. I know Joe Edge owns controlling interest in the paper, but seriously isn’t it time to change the catigory name to “house of the quarter”, so that the ones of us interested, will not try to see a different home every day, looking for something new (house of the week) that hasn’t changed in well over a month.

  3. “Currently, polls show that upwards of 70 percent of Americans do not trust the media. That fact is not only sad, it is a bit scary.” Sad and scary? Yes! But, more importantly DANGEROUS! Dangerous because no democratic republic can survive with an ignorant or misinformed population. Thomas Jefferson wrote to Richard Price; “…wherever the people are well informed they can be trusted with their own government… We are all now in a position where we have little opportunity to know the truth. The Augusta Press is a candle in the gloom of our national journalistic collapse.

  4. I agree with your philosophy. We need to listen to each other and honor all. I have found that no matter how brilliant or how stupid, you can be right. We do not need to cancel culture, nor do we need to cancel diversity of opinion.

  5. I support the idea of diverse opinions. The Chronicle’s editorial page had devolved into mainly vicious diatribes against President Trump. Let’s have a debate in your editorial pages regarding, say, illegal immigration. Let the democrats make their case about the wisdom of allowing illegal (versus legal) immigrants into our country, as is currently happening on our southern border. The conservatives in the audience can then state their opinion. Or vice versa.

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