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Opinion: We Should Honor Those Who Were Here Before Us



Editor's note: The Rev. Dr. Gaye Williams Morris is the most recent columnist to join The Augusta Press. Morris is a native of Augusta and lives in Manteo, N.C. She is a faculty member of the Department of Communication at Augusta University. She is the affiliated community minister for the Oak Ri...

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  1. Just for the sake of historical fact, very few indigenous people lived on land that was originally their own. Their land was gained by conquest of others.

    Right or wrong, this is not an American problem.

    This has been a fact throughout human history.

  2. Contray to popular belief, no one owns the land on which they live, GOD owns it we use it according to our current laws the same way all people from all countries, have acted since the beginning of time. And all areas of the world have been won in wars, battles, and scrimishes forever. The DUMB people who don’t know the Europeans that took over America but left many of the original dewellers (Native Americans) alive, were really just mostly good people, because in the olden days they would have killed them all or enslaved them all as was done for 1,000s of years in all parts of the world. So sad they have not been educated enough to know these facts.

  3. Let’s put this myth of the noble savage to rest. The whites did nothing more to them than there were doing to them selves before the whites ever came. In many cases they were doing much worse to each other. Indians of North America had no wheels nor did they have any iron or steel. In many ways they were stone age people.

    They were not great keepers of the environment as is put forth by many who want them to appear to be so mystic and noble. They would set fire to the prairies in order to run hundreds of buffalo over a cliff to kill them in order to get the meat and hides. It was very efficient and accomplished their purpose and I don’t fault them for that.

    Also numerous of the tribes were culinary cannibals in that they ate humans as part of their meals not just for rituals as so many claim. In Central and South America they would cut the hearts out of captives and eat the still beating heart.
    They had slaves. When they conquered other tribes they would take some captive and keep them as slaves. The women captives would be raped and traded. Also, when Africans became available they had blacks as slaves. They tortured the captives, keeping them alive for days and then dismembering their bodies. When they would attack others they would at times kill all women, children and men. In Crow Creek, South Dakota there is the “bone bed” dated from AD 1325, in a ditch containing the remains of nearly 500 men, women and children. These victims had been scalped, mutilated and left exposed for a few months to scavengers before being interred.

    So, let’s get rid of this revision idea that they were living in some Utopian paradise that was destroyed by the white man. They were primitive and carried out savagery against other tribes. They were hundreds if not thousands of years behind Europe and Asia. If it were not for the whites they would still be living the way they were. It was a clash of two civilizations, one more developed than the other, and the developed won. That is the story of life throughout history. Why should the Europeans coming to the Western Hemisphere have been different?

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